Andrea Biancardi

Curriculum Vitae

Andrea Biancardi is Research Fellow at SDA Bocconi School of Management.

His collaboration with SDA Bocconi begins in 2017. 

During this period, he worked on national and international research projects in the field of energy and infrastructure, among others, with Réseau de transport d'électricité (RTE), Antin Infrastructure Partners, Egea, Sorgenia. 

He is engaged as Assistant for the Enel Green Power School of Business Development offered by SDA Bocconi, and Program coordinator of the training course on entrepreneurship within the initiative Bocconi & Africa 2018. 

His principal field of interest concerns energy economics. He conducts research about the electricity sector, the Oil&Gas sector, energy efficiency and the white certificates mechanism, utility and multi-utilities, energy blockchain, climate finance, energy policy and geopolitics.

Report e publications:

•M. Di Castelnuovo, A. Biancardi, “TSOs’ business models evolution in Europe”, 2018

•M. Grubb, I. Bashmakov, P. Drummond, A. Myshak, N. Hughes, A. Biancardi, P. Agnolucci and R. Lowe, “An exploration of energy cost, ranges, limits and adjustment process. Final report to the Institute for New Economic Thinking”, 2018

•N. Ameli, A. Biancardi, P. Drummond, P. Leonidas, M. Grubb, Z. Vrontisi, F. Kostas, F. Panagiotis, A. Mandel, “Green growth and win-win solutions for sustainable climate actions. Stylised models of relative rates of return, technology co-benefit/spillover effects, multiplier and leverage effectsfor key sectors”, 2017

•A. Biancardi, V. Perissinotto, S. Pogutz, “Egea – Libro Bianco”, 2017

He worked as Research Assistant at the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources - University College London (UCL) and he worked as a consultant in the field of energy efficiency. 

Bachelor in Economics and Finance at Bocconi University.

MSc in Finance  at Bocconi University.

PhD Candidate at Imperial College London, UK.