12 October 2018

The four aces that allow Italy to win (despite everything)

Can Italy be explained to an international audience of under-30s? Can we hope to make young people from 32 different countries understand the anomalies and resources of our country? If anyone can do it with irony, critical spirit, and the right balance between a cosmopolitan look and an Italian soul, it is Beppe Severgnini. He did so by addressing the participants of the 44th Full-Time MBA during the Gala Dinner at the Program’s opening.

25 September 2018

SDA Bocconi Global MBA in the world's top 3 for ROI

SDA Bocconi Global MBA is an increasingly profitable investment. The result is coming from the 2019 Global MBA Rankings by QS, the authoritative international provider of specialized higher education and career information. In the new ranking, our Global MBA ranks 3rd out of 251 evaluated schools worldwide, based both on 10-year ROI (Return on Investment) and Payback time (total time to recover the cost of participating in the program).

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