Choose the best, always.

When you trust a Business School with the training and development of your best professionals, you should be able, in return, to access the School’s vast pool of candidates and alumni to fill any vacant or newly created positions.
To help you, SDA Bocconi notifies companies about its most suitable students while they are still in a program and, more importantly, once they have graduated.
In addition to this, SDA Bocconi’s Career Service, which collaborates with the Full-time MBA Program, offers specialized services, consultancy and organizational tools.

Through the Career Service businesses and institutions can:

  • Access CVs using a search engine, Alumni and CV Book
  • Post relevant vacancies and arrange interviews
  • Identify the most promising resources based on their CV or on the abilities demonstrated
  • Interact with high potential candidates during the program
  • Involve them in practical activities such as individual or group projects and test their abilities
  • Use multiple recruitment channels synergistically
  • Offer scholarships, sponsor or contribute to extracurricular activities with the aim to promote the organization and encourage networking

In addition to this, several consolidated activities allow businesses and institutions to recruit within SDA Bocconi:

  • Recruit at SDA Bocconi / Recruit on Campus: every year around January-February a number of meetings are arranged at SDA Bocconi. This is an opportunity for organizations to meet candidates, identify those who best fit their requirements and invite them to work on a specific project, often with a view to subsequent employment.
  • In-Company Summer Projects: these are consultancy projects carried out by small groups of MBA students for specific companies. The projects typically take place in the summer months and can last between 4 and 12 weeks. This is a very good opportunity for both candidates and organizations to assess each other, and a chance for the students to gain valuable experience.

The MBA is not the only program to publish a CV book, other specialized courses do so, including MAFED, MCF, MFB.
CV books, which are available as printed and electronic versions, showcase the CVs of our graduates and contain details about the individual projects they have undertaken during the course. CV books can be consulted without any obligation and are an excellent way to find the most suitable candidates.

Every business or institution wishing to work with SDA Bocconi to fulfil their recruitment needs has immediate access to a substantial pool of highly skilled candidates, and is able to contact them directly  and see them in action.