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SDA Bocconi’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a one-year full-time program taught in English to students from around the world. It develops your specialized knowledge and personal skills to work in the public sector and associated institutions, both locally and globally. If you want to make a high-yield investment in your professional future, and look for a solid scientific background and effective and innovative management tools, this is the Master for you.

MPA Perspectives
MPA Perspectives


An MPA means:

  • Building your professional future with the leading School of Management in Italy
  • Acquiring advanced managerial skills specific to the international public sector
  • Learning an independent, transparent, and flexible approach to public management
  • Belonging to a prestigious network of PA professionals

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MPA is a challenge to be taken on with a strong dedication. The Recruiting & Admissions team will be happy to arrange an individual orientation meeting at school to answer your questions and give you personalized advice. We can also do this by phone or Skype.


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“MPA is so much more than a Master's program - it is a laboratory where participants use their professional experiences to think creatively and elaborate new solutions to common problems. MPA is a fully tailored, hands on degree which will strengthen your profile and heighten your visibility, equipping you for future professional challenges in the public sector.”

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Alexander Maximilian Hiedemann
MPA Director



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Both as a professional with experience in the design, evaluation and implementation of public policy and a founding partner of a consulting firm, I reached out to SDA Bocconi’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) for an updated and innovative perspective on the state of public management and policy analysis. SDA Bocconi’s reputation as a leading institution of management studies combined with its privileged access to world-class faculty and thought leaders offered an excellent opportunity to hone down the necessary skills and establish crucial connections to enhance my career. Also, SDA Bocconi’s international appeal makes it possible to undertake this formative experience amidst a multicultural group of peers that ensure that the learning process does not stop after class ends. I expect to obtain from the SDA Bocconi MPA the rigorous training, access to resources and inspiration to promote my development into a global leader in the field of public policy.

Eduardo Toscani - Chile
MPA 2017

We are Li Jiachen and Gao Renshang from China. We both had experience working in the private and public sectors prior to the MPA. While working for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), we learned about the importance of gaining professional skills in public management and wanted to understand the differences between Chinese and European public administration. Since Italy is the cradle of European culture and SDA Bocconi is a top management school in Italy, we specifically chose the MPA program. For us, Milan is an attractive location as it is the economic and financial heart of Italy, and the center of fashion, design, finance and media. It is also a leader in modern and innovative public administration. Principles of social justice and the open-minded culture provide tremendous opportunities for young people like us from different countries. A great scientist from China, Mr. Chen Yinke, said that the most important thing in life is the independent spirit and the freedom of thought. We both believe that SDA Bocconi is the place that offers us up to date knowledge, innovative managerial skills and a creative way of thinking.

我们是来自中国的李佳宸和高仁尚,都曾在私人部门和公共部门有相关从业经验。在世界自然基金会的工作期间,我们意识到在公共管理领域中专业技能的重要性,发现了中国与欧洲在公共管理方面的差异。意大利是欧洲文化的发源地,SDA Bocconi更是世界顶级的商学院,所以我们选择了这个MPA项目。米兰非常吸引我们,它不仅是意大利的经济和金融中心,在时尚、设计、金融和媒体等领域建树颇丰,也是公共管理领域的领导者。公平正义的社会原则和开放的胸怀都为公共事业的发展提供土壤。中国有一位伟大的科学家叫陈寅恪,他认为最重要的是要有独立之精神,自由之思想。我认为SDA Bocconi就是这样一个既能教授知识和技能又能提供思维方式的地方。

Jiachen Li and Renshang Gao - Chinese
MPA 2018

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