Alumni Network: A network of talented individuals around the world

The MAFED alumni network grows each year and has become a strong link at the global level. Our alumni have attained positions in over thirty countries around the world. The alumni network allows participants working in the sector to exchange opinions and create relationships through reunions and events organized throughout the years.

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MAFED Alumni Reunion

Every year we organize a MAFED Alumni Reunion at a different location. During these events, MAFED students and our alumni get the chance to meet and network. We are very active in organizing events in Milano, and we also organize events in New York, Paris, Madrid and Shanghai. In  their respective countries, Alumni organizes periodic meetings that allow them to meet and network.

MAFED Alumni "Aperitivo Milanese" 
Milano, 22 January 2014

MAFED Alumni "Aperitivo Milanese" 
Milano, 22 January 2014

MAFED Alumni Reunion - Istanbul, 19 December 2013

In 2011 we celebrated our MAFED Decennial with a major event in Milano. The event had a great turnout with top managers as our guest and a great number of Alumni.

Click here to see the guest speakers of our event.

The Bocconi Alumni Community brings together over 12,000 SDA Bocconi Master Alumni who have graduated from SDA Bocconi MBAs and Specialized Masters Programs. The Community aims to spread the value of a shared experience and culture, strengthening ties among Alumni, regardless of the program they attended.

The Community also aims to maintain a relationship between Alumni and SDA Bocconi, with the intention of increasing the School's prestige and influence in national and international economic, financial and corporate spheres.

Bocconi Alumni carry out a series of initiatives, in Italy and abroad, in order to achieve its objectives:

  • Encouraging the exchange of experiences and networking among Alumni
  • Gaining visibility and prestige for SDA Bocconi at a national and international level
  • Promoting international development and the growth of SDA Bocconi
  • Encouraging donations to the School from individual members and supporting fundraising activities that benefit SDA Bocconi initiatives

Services for Alumni include an on-line directory, a calendar of events, newsletters, Chapter and Club news, and many other services that help foster networking among Alumni, and relations between Alumni and the School.

An international network

SDA Bocconi Alumni currently reside in more than 110 countries and the network is developing in a large number of cities including Athens, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Munich, New York, Paris, São Paulo, Shanghai, Tokyo, Zagreb, Zurich.