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The EMMIO participants come from all over the world but have two things in common: a great passion for international organizations and a desire to advance their career in this field by taking on more senior managerial roles. The program is aimed at mid- and senior-level professionals with at least 5 years of professional experience, who are already working or interested in pursuing a career at the international public sector level.

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Students and Alumni are the best testimonials of how EMMIO helps leverage participants' attitudes and knowledge. Thanks to their experience and professional positions, they complement the guidance and information given by the Director and the Recruiting Team.

"EMMIO has been a fantastic experience. I learned a lot about myself and how to deal with multiple tasks and deadlines, about how to organize and to bring out the best of myself. I gained confidence. I would recommend it as a mean to grow your knowledge and your mind, as a step to transform your professional life."

Carole Vergères-Dürsteler
EMMIO 2017-2018

"EMMIO is a learning platform where professionals can exchange knowledge and experiences with a diverse and highly qualified group of professors and practicioners. I also call it change of “modus operandi” because it truly shapes your way of working."

Tolib Tohiri
EMMIO 2017-2018
Alumni Reunion, 2017

In 2017, SDA Bocconi organized the first EMMIO Alumni Reunion, a staple event in the calendar of the School of Management. In particular, the event highlighted the importance of "good management" in modern International Organizations and provided a unique value added to the EMMIO Alumni Network.

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Life in Milano

Studying and living in Milan means the best mix of culture, leisure, people, and places. Milan will be your campus – a city in the heart of European and Italian business, finance and industry, with a great potential for contacts and careers. The city of fashion and design, a symbol of the Italian style.

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The new Campus

SDA Bocconi’s campus buildings are in the center of Milano. In addition to being the business and financial capital of Italy, Milano is also ideally located in the heart of Europe.

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