The students’ network, professional advice from faculty, coaches and staff, along with SDA Bocconi’s brand paved the path to my transition from the private sector. I couldn’t be more excited!

Jess Martin
EMMIO 2021

"Learning from the best, and with the best. That is what EMMIO is all about. A rigorous, sophisticated, life changing and visionary Executive Master program, meant to craft the thought leaders of tomorrow. As a senior professional coming from the private sector, I really enjoyed the opportunity to blend my thinking with senior executives from the public sector, fact that allowed me to sharpen my self-confidence, expand my mind-set and strengthen my knowledge in handling higher managerial issues, in setting mid-term to long term strategies and in mobilising resources towards that end. Frankly, I really feel most grateful for the opportunity I had to interact with the School’s exemplary faculty, and with peers of exceptional profile, character and personality, whom I all consider friends for life."

Anastasios Katsapis
EMMIO 2020

"Thanks to the EMMIO experience I had the opportunity to develop professionally in a team and to feel part of the “World's family”. EMMIO is about learning, working together, sharing experiences and understanding the complexity of International Development. Thanks to the Executive Coaching I was able to get ahead of the challenges I had to face in times of uncertainty and to become stronger. EMMIO made me change for the better, and I found it as a necessary step to concretely contribute to changing the world together as “one” and serve the 2030 Agenda. Thank you EMMIO team!"

Elena Di Pietro
EMMIO 2020

As an Education development professional with UNICEF growing into leadership and management positions, I needed a course that would give me notions on programme management in particular managing people and making sure that teams are focused on achieving results. EMMIO equipped me with a toolbox on how to leverage the peoples skills to achieve development results in broader ways. Being able to anticipate risks and designing risk mitigation measures and internal controls is another skill I learnt that is helping me in my career, not to forget the whole aspect of innovation especially how to use innovation as a strategy to achieve organizational effectiveness.

Heinrich Mutsinzi Rukundo
EMMIO 2020

"EMMIO has been a fantastic experience. I learned a lot about myself and how to deal with multiple tasks and deadlines, about how to organize and to bring out the best of myself. I gained confidence. I would recommend it as a mean to grow your knowledge and your mind, as a step to transform your professional life."

Carole Vergères-Dürsteler
EMMIO 2018

"EMMIO is a learning platform where professionals can exchange knowledge and experiences with a diverse and highly qualified group of professors and practicioners. I also call it change of “modus operandi” because it truly shapes your way of working."

Tolib Tohiri
EMMIO 2018

"It is a known fact that promotions don’t easily occur in most international organizations. As is the case in my organization, all promotions have to be well justified and supported with concrete achievements and milestones.
In addition to all achievements, the committee considered my EMMIO certificate as a factor to support my promotion. EMMIO was the crowning achievement! I call it the EMMIO effect"

Esther Okoh
EMMIO 2016

"EMMIO is not just a Master's programme, its a space to imagine, share our experiences and challenges and debate alternative solutions. I feel empowered by being able to concretely apply the valuable lessons learned at EMMIO in my day to day tasks. EMMIO allowed me to step up my effectiveness and enhance the value of my contribution to my team. I look forward to capitalize on this experience in years to come."

Ahood Alfahad
EMMIO 2016

After graduating in 2017 and obtaining field exposure, I thought that I would be more employable for senior leadership roles. But being more a technical person and moreover a woman, I found it difficult. Then, in 2021, something surprising happened. I was contacted by an International Organization who were interested in hiring me as an Interim Country Director in Central African Republic with a long-term perspective. My contract was signed on 8th March, which happened to be Women’s Day. So, I am now happy that, as a woman, I had the chance to take a Mangement/Leadership position thanks to EMMIO.

Natalia Conestà
EMMIO 2017

"EMMIO truly captures the challenges of managing international institutions. It sheds light on contemporary management techniques and innovative approaches that are shaping the public and private sectors. It is a well-rounded and complete program that empowers professionals in a remarkable way and leaves participants enlightened by strategic management tools and paradigms. I recommend EMMIO to any highly-dedicated seeking to learn, grow and gain knowledge on the “art of management”.

Tony Aseh
EMMIO 2016

"EMMIO is a unique master program that combines rigorous and internationally renowned management education with a tailored and hands-on approach focused on the specific management issues faced by modern organizations. I was looking for a program that provide undoubtedly a really interesting opportunity for professional development, include a blending of in situ and remote learning that would allow participants to unlock management potential and leadership skills."

Leonard Otti
EMMIO 2016

"EMMIO has given me a different perspective about international cooperation. In my case, while working at the UN you experience and practice international development through various aspects, you collect a lot of the pieces of the puzzle. EMMIO helps you to put them together in a coherent framework; it shapes your knowledge on what’s going on and generates a strategic mindset for professional success. It’s very useful and thought-provoking."

Federico Yáñez
EMMIO 2016

"Attending SDA Bocconi, was an amazing experience. I would like to highlight the contain of EMMIO Programme tailored to the needs of international organization, which offer a real perspective for people looking for career shift and to understand how IOs works, beyond regular duties and individual position. The availability of the support team is another asset of EMMIO, whenever you need something or have a concern, you always have a particular attention".

Amadou Sow
EMMIO 2016

"This course will help to shape your management abilities. It will open you to the world. It will make you a better leader who drives processes, especially when it comes to achieving professional excellence and advancing the global development agenda 2030.  Do not stop learning. Bring in your experiences to sharemake the classes richer and you will also get the best of fun out of it!"

Koffi Kouame
EMMIO 2015