"International organizations face complex, shifting and multifaceted challenges in order to enhance their relevance, and make a real impact on the SDG agenda. The EMMIO program is extremely well positioned to help create a new generation of true leaders and skillful managers, able to anticipate and tackle those challenges through strategic vision, partnership, agility, resilience, innovation and a results-orientation."

Michael Emery

"The EMMIO program is the chance for mid-career officers to challenge themselves to take new steps in their careers, discover their management talent and acquire the necessary toolbox for managerial roles. To potential candidates I say: It would be a real pity bearing an unrevealed potential inside you."

Fernanda Guerrieri
Former Assistant Director-General, Corporate Services at FAO

"In a constantly evolving and overcrowded global environment ¨reform¨ has become a buzz word and a challenging process for international organizations. EMMIO provides the academic opportunity to reflect on and to develop capacities for those who are already in managerial positions or are willing to assume those responsibilities."

Mirta Roses Periago
Former Director of the Pan American Health Organization