Public & Private Factory

Management tools for valuable partnerships


The Government, Health and Not for Profit Division of SDA Bocconi School of Management has launched a new program called “Public & Private Factory” (P&PFactory) to generate and integrate knowledge in order to contribute to the growth and development of the country.

Encouraging both cultural and professional development, this solution is intended to be run in partnership with companies wishing to create economic and social value.

P&PFactory aims to bring together public and private organizations in order to promote the sharing of knowledge and to create a vibrant environment where change and innovation can be promoted.

During the course of 2012 SDA Bocconi, in partnership with Legance, Manens-Tifs, Philips and Siram, will dedicate a P&PFactory to investments in the healthcare sector. This initiative is sponsored by Unità Tecnica Finanza di Progetto.


For more information on P&PFactories and how they work, please contact:

Veronica Vecchi
Scientific Coordinator

Ilaria Cadoppi
Customer Relations
tel. 025836.3038