Edmondo Tudini

Banking and Insurance


Latest publications

Forte G., Mattei J., Tudini E. La rilevanza per il mercato delle misure di embedded value pubblicate dalle assicurazioni vita europee: una verifica empirica Diritto E Fiscalità Dell'Assicurazione, 2012, no. 1 - 2012, pp.112-126
Forte G., Mattei J., Tudini E. Fundamental exchange rate trading performances Convegno ADEIMF - 9-11 Settembre, 2011, Genova, Italy
TUDINI E., Forte Gianfranco, Mattei Jacopo The Value Relevance of Embedded Value Disclosures: Evidence from European Life Insurance Companies 2011, SSRN Electronic Journal
TUDINI E. The Properties of Bank’s Accounting Numbers in an International Context Before and After the Introduction of IFRS: A Value Relevance Perspective 2009, SSRN Electronic Journal
TUDINI E. The value relevance of banks’ accounting numbers in US and continental Europe: what changed with the introduction of IFRS 19th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference - 13-15 December, 2006, Sidney, Australia
TUDINI E. The State of the Art of the Multi-Family Office in Banking for Family Business Stefano Caselli, Stefano Gatti(Ed), Springer-Verlag, pp.163-190, 2005