Private Equity and Finance for Growth Observatory

The Private Equity and Finance for Growth Observatory , one of the pillars of the SDA Bocconi Performance Lab, is an independent point of reference for companies and financial operators in the acquisitions sector.
The Lab provides a truly transparent critical interpretation of developments in the market to guide professionals and institutions.


The Private Equity and Finance for Growth Observatory is engaged in producing innovative studies and research on the acquisition processes market (private equity and Mergers & Acquisitions) and on development finance. In particular, its objective is to:

  • provide an updated interpretation of the market
  • describe the composition of the portfolio of  investee companies and the conditions for the way-out
  • analyze the investment policies of the funds, the reasons and the conditions on which company owners sell their interests, the trend in negotiated prices
  • analyze alternative forms of investment and financing

The work performed on collecting and analyzing Italian acquisition operations (domestic and cross-border transactions) is done thanks to a database that is continuously updated with verified information collected from various sources.

At the moment the SDA Bocconi Private Equity and Finance for Growth Observatory database, which contains data from more than 4,000 transactions in Italy since 2012, is the most complete source of information available.

Monitoring the Mergers & Acquisitions sector regards:

  • the number and value of completed transactions
  • the sectors involved
  • an analysis of the strategic justifications
  • an analysis of prices (multiples)

Activities in the Private Equity sector are mainly concentrated on:   

  • conducting a census of the investments and divestitures
  • assessing of the quality of the portfolio of investee companies
  • analyzing the strategies and behaviors adopted by market players
  • analyzing entry  and exit prices

The Lab’s activities are primarily aimed at the sector operators:  private equity funds, banks, financial, legal and tax advisors,  accountants and tax advisors, strategic and financial advisory firms, professional investors and business angels.

Research Team

The SDA Bocconi Private Equity and Finance for Growth Observatory is led by Valter Conca, a Professor at SDA Bocconi, Associate Professor of Economics and Management at Università Bocconi and Past Director of EMCFB - Executive Master in Corporate Finance and Banking.

Collaborating professors:

  • Vittorio Riccardi - Vice Director
  • Osvaldo Maria Baione
  • Emanuele Cairo
  • Mauro Locatelli
  • Emanuele Carluccio

Past collaborators: Prof. Renzo Cenciarini, Prof. Mauro Bini, Prof.ssa Francesca Cornelli, Prof. Raoul Pisani.

As for Research Analysts, there is a team of 3 trainee researchers on a quarterly rotation.

Scientific Committee/Steering Committee

Scientific Committee members:

  • dott. Riccardi
  • dott. Cairo
  • Prof. Carluccio
  • Prof. Etro

Approximately once per month a Steering Committee meeting is held in which all sponsors and any professors or external managers are invited to participate to support the discussion.

Partners & Sponsors