Ulf Schaefer

Leadership, Human Resources and Digital Technologies


Pubblicazioni recenti

SCHAEFER U., Bouwmeester O. Reconceptualizing moral disengagement as a process: transcending overly liberal and overly conservative practice in the field Journal of Business Ethics, 2021, vol.172, no. 3, pp.525–543
MUELLER U. P., SCHAEFER U. The Dirty Dozen: how unethical behaviour creeps into your organisation The European Business Review, Luglio, 2016, pp.37-41
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SCHAEFER U., SCHMITZ B., MUELLER U. P. MEG AG: A Special Organizational Culture 2023, The Case Centre, Gran Bretagna
SCHAEFER U. Moral disengagement as a process: Effects of moral disengagement on moral judgments of others and shared cognition in groups 2021, Amsterdam Business Research Institute, Paesi Bassi

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Senior Management Program The Executive GameChanger
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  • 11 Sep 2024
  • 6 days
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  • English

Identifying growth opportunities and drive innovation with a strategic agenda, understanding key external trends and effectively merging financial and market perspectives.

Emerging Leaders Program Preparing talents for effective and responsible leadership
  • Data inizio
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  • 22 Ott 2024
  • 8 giorni
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  • Inglese

Per manager alle prime esperienze di leadership e gestione di team. Programma in collaborazione con ESMT Berlin.