Maria Cucciniello

Government, Health and Not for Profit


Pubblicazioni recenti

CUCCINIELLO M., CRISTOFOLI D., TURRINI A. ‘Travelling from 1600 to 2020 in one week’: resilience and leadership in school networks during the COVID-19 pandemic in A Modern Guide to Networks Robyn Keast, Joris Voets, Jack Wayne Meek, Christine Flynn (a cura di), Edward Elgar Publishing, chap. 3, pp.33-52, 2023
CRISTOFOLI D., CUCCINIELLO M., MICACCHI M., Trivellato B., TURRINI A., VALOTTI G. “One, none, and a hundred thousand” recipes for a robust response to turbulence Public Administration, 2023, vol.101, no. 1, pp.106-123
NASI G., Choi H., CUCCINIELLO M., Christensen R. K. A systematic literature review of city competitiveness: A 30-year assessment and future agenda for public administration Public Management Review, 2023, vol.25, no. 8, pp.1562-1586
OSBORNE S., Powell M., CUCCINIELLO M., Macfarlane J. It is a relay not a sprint! Evolving co-design in a digital and virtual environment: neighbourhood services for elders Global Public Policy and Governance, 2022, vol.2, no. 4, pp.518-538
Gasco-Hernandez M., NASI G., CUCCINIELLO M., HIEDEMANN A. M. The role of organizational capacity to foster digital transformation in local governments: The case of three European smart cities Urban Governance, 2022, vol.2, no. 2, pp.236-246
TARRICONE R., PETRACCA F., CUCCINIELLO M., CIANI O. Recommendations for developing a lifecycle, multidimensional assessment framework for mobile medical apps Health Economics, 2022, vol.31, no. S1, pp.73-97

Grants & Premi

Excellence in Research Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2022

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