SDA Bocconi’s Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department runs academic programs and research projects on managing small and medium-sized organizations, and family-run businesses, as well as on corporate governance and strategic management.

The Department’s activities are aimed at managers, board directors and entrepreneurs, and the focus is on developing new management tools and models that are useful for professionals in senior management or director-level positions in order to:

  • assess competition;
  • identify strengths and weaknesses of the organization in relation to its competitors;
  • define current and prospective positioning of the business;  
  • devise and implement a successful strategic plan;
  • develop a business plan;
  • enter a new market;
  • manage a multi-business enterprise;
  • implement a governance that favors company growth.

The Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department offers a wide range of courses, including Masters and Executive Open Programs and Executive Custom Programs.

The Department’s research activities, including those on commission, complement academic offerings. 



The programs offered by the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department cover the following Knowledge Group:

  • Management of small and medium-sized businesses, with a focus on entrepreneurship, acquiring and selling a business, growth strategies and decision-making.

  • Strategic Management, looking in particular at managerial development, competitor analysis, business planning and administrative strategy.

  • Family businesses and Corporate governance.

The Department also offers international Executive Open Programs and international Masters, which focus on management and strategy in general (e.g. MISA) and in relation to specific sectors (e.g. MAFED and MFB).

Executive Custom Programs offered by the Department aim to respond to specific needs of the commissioning organizations, therefore they are designed in close collaboration with every company and content is customized. The following are examples of recent custom programs:

  • Entrepreneurship and management of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Managing the relationship of family within business;
  • Planning and devising business strategies;
  • Implementing strategic plans;
  • Internationalization strategies;
  • Devising competitive strategies.


The Faculty of the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department is varied in professional experience and Knowledge Group of competence. The team is international and includes renowned professors and successful managers with a high degree of experience in their respective fields.

The Department’s professors share a keen interest in research and in the study of different business scenarios, and any new knowledge acquired through these activities is successfully relayed in class.   

The faculty also participates actively in debates, both nationally and internationally, on the management of small and medium-sized businesses, strategic management, family enterprises and corporate governance. In addition, professors foster relationships with academics from other Italian universities, international business schools, and established professionals and senior managers.


The research activities performed by the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department constantly generate knowledge, models and tools that can be immediately applied. These activities can be classified as:

  • Standard research, aimed at generating knowledge and developing new management tools. The outcomes of this research are published in some of the most important management journalsin Italy and abroad;
  • Applied research, which complements lectures by offering reading material, case studies and simulations;
  • Custom research, which provides a concrete and effective answer to specific training needs of commissioning organizations and institutions.

Networks & Communities

The Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department understands the value generated by the wealth of enterprises that exist in Italy. As a result, it promotes activities that bring together entrepreneurs, encourage networking and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences. These activities include:  

  • An observation center for the fashion and luxury goods industry;
  • An award for young entrepreneurs in fashion;
  • A knowledge center on the attractiveness and competitiveness of Italy;
  • The goldsmiths’ club;
  • Community on Strategy & Entrepreneurship (IoMSE)