First-hand Contact with the MIHMEP

Would you like to get in touch with current MIHMEP students to find out more about their experience? Are you planning to apply for the MIHMEP and would like to get an insider’s take on the program? Please, connect with one of our ambassadors! They will be happy to answer your questions and provide advice on your MIHMEP decision, clarify any doubts, or simply have a chat with you.

As a chemist, science takes an important place in my life and it is my greatest interest. Having worked in pharmaceutical industries as a laboratory analyst, I decided to take a great change in my career. So, I stopped my hands-on experience and I dedicated time and effort to new career goals. My purpose was to use the time I spent in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries as a stepping stone toward my dream job. To boost my perspective and to reach my objectives, I chose to attend the international School of Management offered by SDA Bocconi, whose courses best prepare and guide for a critical evaluation on brand development process and marketing strategies, that nowadays are of primary importance worldwide, in the job market. MIHMEP is an excellent opportunity for a comparative study, and to exchange ideas and experiences. I strongly believe that developing positive relationships is another fundamental benefit of the learning experience that I received through the MIHMEP program


James Romeo - Italian/Maltese

For me MIHMEP represents a turning point in my educational path. I come from a legal background and I have always been fascinated by the world of healthcare with all its peculiarities and complexities requiring understanding and management. This program is really providing me with the opportunity to dive deep into this beautiful world with a strong, precise, and oriented focus on key issues in healthcare and a very well-organized specialization path. This very high degree of specialization in economics and management for healthcare is definitely the right bridge between education and a career in the healthcare world. I am personally pursuing a double degree specialization path in Healthcare Management and Pharmaceuticals & Medical Technologies and I am experiencing so many interesting learning opportunities. The subjects that I study cover a wide range of topics and are also very complementary. Moreover, it is incredible how I am now familiar and in my comfort zone when dealing with issues and topics that I would have never thought of dealing with some years ago when I was in a totally different career world. This Master and its enriching challenges made me understand that we only face the limits that we place for ourselves, and we have the infinite range of wonderful opportunities that we choose to welcome in our life. This is a very fulfilling experience, MIHMEPis a great program and it is one of the best of its kind worldwide. The professors have diverse backgrounds, were trained in the best academic institutions from all over the world and are great inspirational professionals. Finally, the networking opportunities of the program are beyond what one could imagine; this is a great opportunity to meet people, to get to know them and to build a network of contacts that will last for many years to come.


Gaia Segantin - Italian

Having worked as a doctor in the UK, I felt that within the medical profession our knowledge in healthcare management was lacking so I sought to broaden my perspectives within this sector seeking out MIHMEP. Prior to this I trained as an ophthalmic surgeon within the Imperial College Healthcare Trust and undertook an MSc in the Biology of Vision at UCL where my dissertation focused on the effects of thyroid eye disease. Given my multicultural heritage seeking prospects abroad for work felt natural, hence I undertook surgical placements in the New York Eye Infirmary and Mount Sinai. I transferred to Geneva for a year where I worked for the Fondation Ophtalmologique Adolphe de Rothschild and an ophthalmic start-up specialising in 3D modelling of ophthalmic disease. Pursuing this on my return to London, while continuing my surgical training I was involved in the NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs Programme and was given the opportunity to work with medical diagnostic e-health companies. The MIHMEP programme will provide me with solid foundations to further drive my career in healthcare management, especially at hospital and national levels.


Lilani Abeywickrama - British / Luxembourgian

I am a former scientist and I spent my last four years at the Institute Curie, in Paris. There, I performed a PhD in biomedical science and drug development, within the frame of multidisciplinary European project.
Despite my early academic successes, I soon realized that my scientific achievements alone would have been insufficient to secure what I was aiming for, a managerial position in the pharmaceutical business. Precisely, I am convinced that key profiles within the pharmaceutical firms must have a strong scientific background as well as a managerial and business acumen.
On this basis, I decided to attend MIHMEP. The completion of MIHMEP represents an essential step for my next career path, laying the groundwork for a successful future managerial profile within the pharmaceutical and health sector.


Marco Lucchino - Italian

I am a neuroscientist from Milan. During my MD degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Pavia (2013-2017), I had the opportunity to perform my internship thesis and to work for two years at the Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology and Pharmacology of Neurodegenerative Diseases, led by Professor Elena Cattaneo, Italian Senator. This experience linked to my volunteer activity as an active member of the Management Board of Aiutiamoli Onlus for 9 years, and led me to see neuroscience from both the scientific and the social point of view, focusing on the patient care. For one year, I worked in the Pharmacological Research Institute MARIO NEGRI (IRCCS) in order to study clinical trials for treating brain injured patients and thanks to this work experience, I had the chance to better know the pharmaceutical company environment. Therefore, I decided to join MIHMEP because I was interested in this challenging program and great specializations connected to several managerial worlds, particularly pharmaceutical.


Giulia Caffarelli - Italian

After graduating from the University of Toronto, I was fortunate enough to secure a position at the Toronto Lung Transplant Program, the largest lung transplant center in the world. Comprised of 11 physician investigators, over 70 medical research fellows, students and staff, I was responsible for the collection of both donor and native clinical research transplant samples throughout all phases of the procedure. While in this role I contributed to a rich medical research environment including an array of cutting-edge research from microbial studies, large animal experiments, clinical trials and the development of novel technologies such as Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion. These experiences piqued my interest in the actualization of research from bench-work to market. This is when I began to consider a career shift and explored my options. This brought me to MIHMEP where I plan to specialize in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology in order to move onto a career working with the commercialization of medical research.


Martin Oberle - German/Ugandan
Specializing in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technologies

After graduating in Physiotherapy at the Insubria University of Varese in 2013, I moved to Melbourne in Australia where beside my work as home therapist I worked as assistant in a pharmacy for almost two years, widening my perspective of patient care. Gaining a diversified experience in the field, my eagerness to change people’s lives for the better and to play an active role in the healthcare industry has increasingly grown, leading me to pursue the Masters in International Healthcare Management, Economic and Policy, MIHMEP, at SDA Bocconi, because of its interesting academic specializations and principal investigator in the field of global management in Europe and in the world.


Mohamed Akrout - Italian/Tunisian
Specializing in Global Health and Development

I am a clinical research professional with over 10 years experience in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry. I have served as a study coordinator at Northwestern University in the Cancer Center, a Clinical Research Associate for global CROs, and most recently as President/Founder of Clinical Resource Advantage, Inc., a consulting company providing monitoring/training services to the industry.


Jovita Brantley - American
Specializing in Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology

I am a medical doctor from the Netherlands. After obtaining my MD degree from Radboud University Nijmegen, I gained clinical work and research experience at the University of California Davis Medical Center. Here I trained in the wards and operating rooms of the department of Otolaryngology. The experience working in hospitals in the Netherlands, Portugal and the United States gave me valuable insight into the differences between various health care systems, and their particular challenges. I chose the MIHMEP to expand my abilities as a health care professional with managerial and organizational competences.


Elvira Buijs - Dutch
Specializing in Healthcare Management


MIHMEP Senators are alumni that volunteer to act as advisors for prospects. They represent the “souls” of the MIHMEP, as they work in the medical technology industry, for health providers, consultancies, academia, policy-making international institutions, and some are even entrepreneurs in the health sector. They can be contacted by e-mail, and if you will become a MIHMEP participant you will have the opportunity to meet the Senators again, in class or by webinar, as they will be engaged in delivering seminars for the program.

Dr. Zoltán SZABÓ - Hungarian, MIHMEP 2015
Freelance, Ilosvay Consult Ltd.
I am currently a freelance in international organ, tissue, blood and cell legislation, regulation and distribution. Before that I worked as managing director in a Hungarian start-up (OrthoSera Dental) dealing with human bone allografts (BoneAlbumin) for implantology use, which product besides the Hungarian, is already on the Dutch market, as well. Between 2009-2013 I was deputy director-general at the Hungarian Blood and Transplant (Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service), where I was responsible for Hungary's accession to the Eurotransplant (a European integration for optimizing the organ donation pool). Between 2006-2009 I was assistant professor and program director of the Master in Health Management at the Health Services Management Training Centre at Semmelweis University, Budapest.án-szabó-ab536534

Natalia WOJDAK - American/Polish, MIHMEP 2015
Operations Coordinator in Ambulatory Services, Tufts Medical Center

Piero SENATORE - Italian, MIHMEP 2015
Analyst at CBPartners

Rasheed RAJI - Nigerian, MIHMEP 2015
Data analyst at The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Nidhi SINGH - Indian, MIHMEP 2015
Research Assistant with the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME) at Karolinska Institutet

Heather RUSI (Nee Mondin) - Canadian, MIHMEP 2015
Global Health Consultant / Sessional

Isabella SORMANI - Italian/Swiss, MIHMEP 2015
Consultant Market Access and Health Economics at Wellmera AG

Luther-King FASEHUN - Nigerian, MIHMEP 2012
Dr. Luther-King Fasehun is the Nigeria Country Director of The Wellbeing Foundation Africa, where he leads the organization’s programs, as well as its strategic policy advisory to governments and bilateral/multilateral institutions. A medical doctor with expertise in management, policy and advocacy, especially in the sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition (SRMNCAH+N) continuum of care, his experience spans the private and public health sectors. He has led, moderated or participated in global public health conferences and meetings in over 20 cities around the world over the past six years to audiences as varied as the United Nations General Assembly, the African Union, the Global Philanthropy Forum, the World Health Organization, the Nigerian Government, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Girls Not Brides: the Global Partnership to End Child Marriage. In the first half of  2019, he will be serving as a Policy Leaders Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

John SHEHATA - Italian/Egyptian, MIHMEP 2012
Of Counsel and member of the healthcare and life-science team at BonelliErede, a multidisciplinary team that combines renowned legal expertise with in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical and biomedical markets. His major activities include corporate and commercial legal assistance in direct and indirect investments in the healthcare and life-science sectors in emerging markets, mainly in the Middle East and Africa. John holds a Ph.D. in hygiene e public health and he is a lecturer in international business strategy.

Miguel MIRÓ
Currently working as Chief of the Anesthesia Department at a University Hospital in Madrid: a position as a clinical leader in which to apply all the knowledge and skills acquired during MIHMEP in a clinical context. With 10 years of clinical experience in Madrid and London, a  PhD and a 2-year fellowship in cardiac and thoracic surgery between the University of Oxford and London prior to attending MIHMEP, he did his MIHMEP internship in London at GE Healthcare Finnamore, a healthcare consultancy firm leader in the European market which is also a crucial constituent of the 4th biggest and most diversified company in the world, General Electrics. After finishing his internship, he went back to work as a consultant anaesthetist in the University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, before being offered his current position.

Currently working as the Monitoring & Evaluation and Communication Advisor for Global Health function at Eni Health department, based in Milan, Italy. Her major activities include developing, coordinating and evaluating corporate community health initiatives, especially in developing countries; technical supporting for Environmental Social & Health impact assessment for Oil & Gas projects. Previously, she also worked in CERGAS Bocconi as research assistant for newly-emerging economies (NECS) and global health project.

Currently Head of Digital & Social Media of Humanitas Group, Italy. Humanitas Hospital is a Harvard Business School case study, with a leading online presence in Italy, implementing innovative applications and digital platforms for patients and its medical students.
Previously he worked in the Medtech sector at Smith&Nephew in the France-BeNeLux area.
To reach Victor, contact the MIHMEP Director at, or

Christian WABNITZ
Product Manager Ventilation and Cardiology at ResMed Basel, Switzerland, Medical Devices

Strategic Corporate Alliances Manager at United Nations, Geneve. Previously Roche Global Market Access and UK NHS Health Promotion Officer

Katrin RADL
Ernst & Young, Consultant in the Life Science Advisory practice. Focus on Market Access, Pricing, Reimbursement and Launch Strategy for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Christine LEOPOLD
Pyle Post-Doc Research Fellow in Population Medicine bei Harvard Medical School

Andreas KRUSCH
Regional Director Germany - Paracelsus Kliniken, Hospitals/providers

Corporate Market Access Manager at Helsinn Healthcare SA Ticino, Switzerland, Pharmaceuticals

PhD candidate in Health Technology Assessment (HTA), McMaster University, Ontario, Canada
Canadian Network for Environmental Scanning in Health (CNESH)

Head of Market Access & Pricing BD Diabetes Care Europe, Basel

Luigia BUFI
Founder & Principal Consultant at LB Market Access Consulting srl, a young and dynamic boutique consulting firm specialized in market access for medical technologies

Co-founder and CEO of BiKi Technologies, a start-up company that develops and commercializes software for computational medicinal chemistry.

Director of Clinical Affairs, Reha Technology, Zurich