Supporting & Partner Companies

Our partners bring the philosophy and the specific culture of brands and companies that represent the excellence of Italian lifestyle to the program.

Fondazione Altagamma is the association of international renown Italian companies operating in the high end of the market. They reflect Italian style and culture in their company management and products, they stand out for their innovation, quality, service, design and prestige. Today, Altagamma has 76 mamber companies in the world of fashion, design, jewellery, automobiles, and gourmet food specialities, along with 6 supporting members. 

Altagamma is the official sponsor of MAFED and contributes to the Master not only financially - by funding scholarships and financing field projects - but also with business testimonials and seminars on key issues, facilitating access to companies for visits by program participants and for compiling case studies by faculty. In addition, Altagamma assists in setting up activities specifically for promoting the career development of participants. Lastly, Altagamma provides the opportunity to organize special events that give the Master high visibility among its numerous stakeholders.

Altagamma members

Technical Partners

SDA Bocconi School of Management and YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, the global leader in luxury fashion e-commerce, partnered for the development of digital education in the fashion and luxury sector. The collboration results in a new course in "Digital strategy, marketing and e-commerce," and also includes support from YNAP in developing a field project for a group of MAFED students. Additionally, several MAFED students will be placed within the Group’s internship programs after completing their program.

Joint specialized course on Bain Altagamma Monitor.

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Legal Partner

Academic Partners

ISEM, Instituto Superior de Empresa y Moda 
Madrid, Spain 

IFM, Institute Français de la Mode
Paris, France

University of the Arts London - London College of Fashion

London, UK

Agreements with UAL, ISEM and IFM have been established in order to enhance program contents by organizing seminars, sharing didactic material, creating a network among participants and arranging joint visits.