10 Reasons why the SDA Bocconi MAFED could be your best choice


01. To be part of a top program in a top business school in one of the top capitals of Fashion and Design.

02. To build rigorous managerial competences in Fashion, Design and Experience-based industries by developing first-hand experiences in the field.

03. To learn from an extraordinarily expert, dedicated, and passionate faculty, consisting of over 30 professors who bring a 360 degree view about the way these industries work, in order to equip students with the tools needed to envision the future, both as managers and as entrepreneurs.

04. To enhance your skills through the opportunity to get in touch with top managers participating in classes as guest speakers.

05. To directly experience brands in stores, showrooms, events and trade fairs, by "seeing and touching" the product where it is originally made.

06. To learn how to design the future of tradition, recognize the unique DNA of Fashion and Design Companies, and fueling it with new tools made available by new managerial approches, enhanced analytics, and new technologies.

07. To have the opportunity to spend two months working on field projects delivered by top Fashion and Design International Companies in order to practically apply the tools learned in class.

08. To be exposed to a unique international environment that makes learning a process of exploring differences and celebrating diversity: with an average of more than 20 nationalities per class, MAFED in an ideal laboratory to prepare students for working within multi-cultural environments and sparking entrepreneurial inspiration.

09. To benefit from the strategic partnership with Fondazione Altagamma, a leading network of Fashion and Design Brands and Companies.

10. To enter a unique business community and extended alumni network, which represent a long-lasting, precious asset for the rest of your professional life.