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20 editions have concluded, and the 21st is at the halfway mark; a total of 715 alumni, half of them in top positions in health and social welfare, public and private, for-profit and nonprofit: a wealth of knowledge and relationships that has been consolidated and innovated over the years, through the transformation into a second-level university master's degree with credits; the establishment of an international study tour; the implementation of a managerial leadership empowerment project; the creation of numerous partnerships with leading industry stakeholders; and the establishment of new elective courses in order to be ever more the leading forces for change.

"EMMAS has always been, as its payoff demonstrates, challenges, discoveries, and solutions," remarks Program Coordinator Lorenzo Fenech. "It is a program that, because of its very solid roots, consistently remains at the frontier of management education in the health and social welfare fields. A value that the system has essentially always recognized, as demonstrated by the numbers of EMMAS and the extraordinary interactions within the alumni community. "A substantial value to which, as of today, we are adding a further formal recognition," adds EMMAS Director Francesca Lecci. In fact, thanks to an agreement with the Lazio Region, from the academic year 2022-2023 EMMAS allows, to all those who meet the requirements, the issuance of the certificate of managerial training for inclusion in the National List of persons eligible for the appointment of general manager of Health Authorities and other National Healthcare Service Entities, and the certificate of managerial training for the corporate health management departments and for the management of complex facilities.

"We are particularly proud of this achievement," said Francesca Lecci, "because it allows our participants to get the most out of their participation in EMMAS: they will no longer have to wonder how to find the time to attend the Program as well as one of the regional qualifying courses to hold the position of General, Healthcare or Complex Facility Director, because this agreement, for those who want it, combines form and substance. And we are grateful to the Lazio Region for recognizing EMMAS and SDA Bocconi as valuable partners in management training."

Thanks to the agreement (approved by the Lazio Region with Resolution No. G12751 of Sept. 26, 2022), EMMAS, which was already considered a qualifying program for career path purposes in public procedures, also becomes an instrument for qualifying access to the managerial roles included in the agreement itself, an instrument that can be used throughout the country, since there are no specific territorial constraints with respect to attending qualifying courses, and not only by those already working in the public sector.

This milestone, for EMMAS, constitutes a new beginning, because the health and social welfare system has never before been affected by challenges of such extraordinary magnitude. With respect to these challenges, the Program will continue to play a leading role, alongside the protagonists of change, to generate value.

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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