The brand is center stage – again

The digital revolution and the evolution of the economic and social environment have placed the brand once again firmly at the center of the value creation process.

As a trust-based resource which is essential to building competitive advantage and managing market relations, the brand is taking on greater strategic significance in today’s scenario, one which is complex yet replete with extraordinary growth opportunities.

After describing the importance of the brand for companies and consumers, and the strategic choices facing companies due to the digital transformation, the book delves into various stages involved in building a brand. It goes on to explore strategic brand management in light of the new value priorities that consumers are embracing, such as the growing sensitivity to ethics, respect for people and for the environment, authenticity and the real value of goods and services.

The final chapter is dedicated to monitoring the brand and assigning it a monetary value, a critical topic for activating more and more complex market strategies and architectures orienting brands toward new markets and product categories.



  • Publisher: Egea
  • Year of publication:2022
  • EAN: 9788823838604
  • ISBN: 9788823838604
  • Pagine: 464
  • Formato: paper + digital



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