Paola Caiozzo

Leadership, Organization and Human Resources
Paola Caiozzo
Senior Lecturer
Organizational Behavior

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Latest publications

CAIOZZO P. Digital commercial transformation in action: TechnoStress or TechnoPower? 2020, SDA Bocconi
SISTI M. A., GUENZI P., CAIOZZO P. (Eds.) Gestire le vendite. L'eccellenza nel sales management. II edizione Egea, Milano, Italy, 2020
CAIOZZO P. Digital Commercial Transformation in action 2019, SDA Bocconi, Milano, Italy
CAIOZZO P. Gestire la digital transformation nel commerciale: un modello e la sua applicazione pratica, caso di ricerca 2019, SDA Bocconi, Milano, Italy
CAIOZZO P. Digital Commercial transformation Plan 2018, SDA Bocconi, Milano, Italy
CAIOZZO P. Competenze e performance degli Account manager: un caso studio 2017, SDA Bocconi, Milano, Italy

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