Paola Caiozzo

Curriculum Vitae

Caiozzo Paola is Senior Lecturer of Leadership, Organization and Human Resources at SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Her collaboration with Bocconi University and SDA Bocconi began in 1994. Since then, she has been teaching in many courses and she is Key Account. She co-founded in 2016, the Commercial excellence Lab SDA Bocconi School Of Management, Research Division where she is responsible for business development; relationships with clients; design of CEL activities; design of research plans; budget management; team management; Customer Satisfaction.

She conducted workshops and consulting projects in charge of teaching customer programmes on organization and HR and sales related topics. As project manager she is responsible for planning, teaching, budget control, quality management and customer satisfaction.

Her research activities focus on organizational behaviour and sales behaviour;

-       2016, “Extraordinary Sales people”, Commercial Excellence Lab, SDA Bocconi

-       2016, “How students perceive salespeople and the sales joB”, Commercial Excellence Lab, SDA Bocconi

-       2015, “The Keys of success ” ricerca SDA Bocconi Area Mktg & Sales

-       2010/2011, “La misurazione della qualità nei processi formativi” CERMES Mediolanum Corporate University”

She is the author of books and many publications. Her works have been published on the scientific journal Economia & Management. She has been member of several scientific technical committees for many training projects and has been lecturer in important conferences. She is managerial consultant for major companies and public entities on issues related to the HR and Sales world .Author of many books  among others:

-       Marco Sisti, Paolo Guenzi, Paola Caiozzo “Gestire le vendite” Egea, Milano, 2015

-        Paola Caiozzo R,Vaccani Se il malato fosse l'organizzazione? Le cause organizzative del mobbing Franco Angeli Ed., 2010


Paola earned a Degree in Business Administration from the University of Palermo and an MBA from SDA Bocconi.


Academic position and/or Professional Activities

Contract Professor, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

Research Interests

  • Organizational behavior: personality at work,  mobbing, communication processes, group management, the relationship between single and organizations
  • Sales behavior: managing the relationship with customers, need analysis, negotiation, personall selling, selection, training on sales force
  • HR: selection, training assessment process
  • Training trainers: need analysis, training design, educational methodologies, results evaluation, the one to one methods (coaching, mentoring, tutoring)
  • Learning methodologies, management and evaluation processes within CESDIA  (Bocconi Center for teaching and learning)

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