Research in the service of marketing

The aim of this manual is to provide a compass that will help everyone who works in the field to do better marketing research and make more effective decisions.

Now in its second edition, the focus of Ricerche di Marketing is the practical application of marketing research, in an attempt to respond to the demands facing analysts and decision makers alike. The practical-methodological analysis offers useful insights for every kind of user: from marketing managers to market researchers who need to provide answers to their customers.

Designed as a tool whose scope is wide and deep, this manual is divided into three parts. The first is dedicated to setting up a research project, describing the design process step by step; the second focuses on the methods utilized to make typical strategic marketing decisions; and the third part, which is accessible online, centers on operational decisions about price setting, distribution, communication tools, and devising and monitoring sales promotions.

Almost all the chapters include a business case, available on DigitaBook, which illustrates the concepts that are discussed. Digital technologies have definitely been at the forefront of marketing research in recent years. This new edition specifically addresses their impact, and adds a critical cautionary note: at a time when the abundance of data often gives the impression that complex data collection and interpretation processes are a waste of time, the outlook expressed in this book is that only insightful research questions and well-designed, articulated processes can make data truly useful.



  • Publisher: Egea
  • Series: Reference
  • Date of publication:March 2022
  • EAN: 9788823838420
  • ISBN: 9788823838420
  • Pagine: 560
  • Formato: paper + DigitaBook



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