This is how the talent of social entrepreneurs grows

Impact Evaluation


“Impact Your Talent” for an education program on impact investing and high-impact social entrepreneurship, is not just a title but a manifesto and a promise. After three editions, and thanks to a rigorous ex-post impact evaluation, it can be affirmed that the promise has been kept.


The organizers of the course – the Government Health and Not For Profit (GHNP) Division of SDA Bocconi School of Management together with the Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore – conducted an assessment, to which 50 out of the 68 participants responded, and verified the impact that the program had on individuals and their entrepreneurial projects.


“The numbers speak for themselves,” says Francesca Casalini, Program Coordinator. “Out of 50 people who responded to the survey, there are 36 active entrepreneurial projects that, also thanks to the program, have evolved and matured. In line with our objectives, these projects operate in areas of high social impact, ranging from the employment inclusion of vulnerable categories to the promotion of health, culture, sustainable and circular consumption, to the support of families and teenagers.”


Structured over 18 days spread over 8 months, the program offered training, tutorship, and field visits to maximize the practical application of acquired skills.


As for individual results:

  • 89% of participants recorded an improvement in entrepreneurial motivation and the ability to generate positive social change.
  • 87% of participants developed stronger entrepreneurial and social innovation skills.
  • 82% of participants expanded their personal and professional network, benefiting from the collaborative environment created by the program.


“The creation of a community of social innovators is a result that makes us particularly proud,” says Elisabetta Notarnicola, Program Scientific Director. “The opportunity for participants to connect with key figures such as advisors and professors has been a crucial component of the program.”


Regarding the impact on entrepreneurial projects:

  • 85% of projects showed significant developments.
  • 95% of projects developed a strategy to contribute to one or more of the 17 sustainable development goals declared by the UN.
  • 56% of projects conducted an impact evaluation on their beneficiaries.


“The confirmation of having a tangible impact on the development of social entrepreneurship is a source of motivation for the entire Division,” comments Monica Otto, Director of Executive Education in Health, Government, and Non-Profit.


“This contributes significantly to our School's mission to generate economic and social value, promoting fundamental values such as inclusion and sustainability,” concludes Veronica Vecchi, Director of Research, Innovation, and International Programs for Government & Society at SDA Bocconi.


SDA Bocconi School of Management

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