How to survive in an AI-infested world?

Annual DEVO Lab Event


In an era in which the spread of Artificial Intelligence has accelerated across every aspect of human affairs, we have been faced with an unprecedented transformation. Our world has been completely redefined, enriched and sometimes challenged by the pervasive influence of AI. This evolution has forged a complex landscape, not only loaded with opportunities but with a litany of challenges that have required new approaches and perspectives of analysis. This duality was the focus of SDA Bocconi School of Management's DEVO Lab Annual Event which tackled the question of how to thrive in a world shaped by AI, and how to survive in a world that’s permeated by it.

The event took a dive into this fascinating and intricate scenario, involving experts from academia, research and the practical world.

The speakers included Stefano Caselli, Dean SDA Bocconi who opened the event, Paola Cillo, Associate Dean for Research - Claudio Dematté Research Division, SDA Bocconi, Gianluigi Castelli, Director, DEVO Lab, SDA Bocconi, Severino Meregalli, Scientific Director, DEVO Lab, SDA Bocconi Italo Colantone, Associate Professor of Economics, Bocconi University and with valuable contributions from Stefano Quintarelli, General Partner Rialto Fund, European Commission, High Level Expert Group on AI, Daniel Jackson, Professor of Computer Science, Associate Director, MIT CSAIL, Giorgio Metta, Scientific Director, Italian Institute of Technology.


Each of them contributed their unique perspective on the topic, sharing their insights on the impacts of AI at the economic, social, policy, and applied research levels. The discussion highlighted how AI has become a driving force for change, requiring companies and individuals to take an innovative and proactive approach to make the most of the opportunities offered by this revolutionary technology. As Severino Meregalli remarked, "At DEVO Lab we have always maintained a rather critical approach to the concept of disruption, because in its own way every digital technology can contribute to generating moments of discontinuity (disruptive as usual). But perhaps for the first time, we are facing a breakthrough that can spell a significant break from the way we conduct enterprise and business (disruptive for real)." A breakthrough that, according to Gianluigi Castelli, "the DEVO Lab has the

ambition to succeed in interpreting, bringing into play all the skills and capabilities that have distinguished SDA Bocconi's first research laboratory over the past 8 years, which merges the contribution of knowledge from Member companies with the work of a diverse and multidisciplinary internal research team."

A team that, concludes Gianluca Salviotti, DEVO Lab coordinator, "represents the beating heart of the lab, which is now a reference point for executives and managers committed to governing their companies' digital transition processes."

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