Alessia Bezzecchi

Corporate Finance and Real Estate


Latest publications

BELTRATTI A., BEZZECCHI A. Real Estate sostenibile ed Esg. Il valore della certificazione ambientale Bancaria, 2021, vol.1, pp.41-48
BELTRATTI A., BEZZECCHI A., CASELLI S., LINGUANTI V. The Impact in Italy of International M&A - L'impatto in Italia dell'M&A internazionale Economia & Management, 2020, vol.1, pp.98-100
BELTRATTI A., BEZZECCHI A. Asset/Wealth Management NeXT Egea, Milano, Italy, 2020
BELTRATTI A., BEZZECCHI A. Comportamenti degli investitori ed educazione finanziaria: Che cosa ne pensano gli intermediari finanziari? Bancaria, 2019, vol.75, no. 4, pp.26-41
BELTRATTI A., BEZZECCHI A. Dati, modelli e real estate: Nuove frontiere per l'immobiliare e le banche Bancaria, 2019, vol.75, no. 9, pp.89-96
BELTRATTI A., BEZZECCHI A. Investor centricity e business model nell'asset wealth management Bancaria, 2019, vol.75, no. 2, pp.76-83

Grants & Honors

Excellence in Design and Innovation Award - Executive Education Open Program Division - SDA Bocconi School of Management , 2012

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EMF Executive Master in Finance
  • Start date
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  • 10 jan 2022
  • Italian
  • Part-time
  • 12 Months

EMF provides the tools needed to manage challenges and leverage opportunities in finance. It addresses professionals who want to combine education and work.


An executive master worth 4 specialized tracks: Asset/Wealth Management, Banking, Corporate Finance and Control, Real Estate.