Observatory on Chronic Diseases and Primary Care

The Observatory on Chronic Diseases and Primary Care (OCCP) of SDA Bocconi is a virtual "place" in which CERGAS’s main research activities and results are developed with the aim of producing theories and content that are shared by both health institutions and the international opinion leaders of academic world.


In particular, the activities of the SDA Bocconi’s Observatory on Chronic Diseases and Primary Care (OCCP) are focused on:

  • conducting different research pillars on chronic disease policies and management models, and the transformation of primary care in Italy and abroad
  • the management of advisory boards (institutional and scientific) to share the processing of content with both institutional and scientific level entities
  • the publication of study results
  • the dissemination of research results through events.


The research pillars in which SDA Bocconis OCCP is engaged are:

  • the health authorities’ strategies on patient engagement for the redesign of services for chronic patients
  • the institutional and organizational models of the regional and business systems for managing chronic cases
  • the transition models for chronic cases with low survival rates
  • the organization and management of Chronicle related Groups and other health centers in Italy with a collection of business cases for the analysis of the various "service formulas"
  • the operating systems for managing the chronic cohort

comparison of the Population Health Management approaches in the management of chronic disease


Each pillar publishes its own research results. Periodically, in fact, interdisciplinary analyses of research results will be published in national and international scientific magazines.