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CEL Activities

CEL is involved in a mix of engaging activities created for its partners, as well as for the wider community of executives:

  • Research and publications:

Annual research projects on cutting-edge issues in the sales domain Read more


Custom research projects for companies Read more

  • Webinars, events, workshops and roundtables involving managers Read more
  • Academic speeches at partner companies
  • Speeches by international academics and meetings at partner companies with insights for managerial practice
  • Guest speakers from partner companies from partner companies in national and international programs both at the university level (Bocconi University) and at the executive level (SDA Bocconi School of Management).
Research topics

CEL generates knowledge to provide answers. Main research areas over time, selected and investigated together with our partners:



How to manage change and transformation projects in sales successfully?


How to identify and manage dysfunctional behavior?


Remote Selling how to navigate from the Covid-19 emergency to managing the new normale?









Young talents: how do they see sales professionals' roles?


How important are sales competences and experiences for a corporate career in the eyes of the C-suite?


Which are the critical competences that salespeople or area managers cannot lack in order to succeed?





How to manage digital transformation projects in sales successfully?


How to stimulate the adoption of digital tools and sales content while increasing their impact on sales performance?


How to craft and implement a digital sales trasformation plan?


How to avoid technostress e stimulate technopower?


Research Plan 2016 - 2021