Events | SDA Bocconi School of Management

Disseminating content in an experiential and engaging way is one of CEL’s main goals. Every year, meetings are organized with various formats in terms of target and implementation. They are excellent opportunities for debating and networking on the most innovative topics for commercial excellence. Here is the list of events that have been organized:



  • October – CEL TALK “Leading solution selling in the digital ERA”, Alberto Frasarin (Google Italy), Germano Buttazzo (Linkedin Italy)
  • October – Partner Meeting on CEL research “Digital TrAction: transformation in action” (focus on Technopwer vs Technostress in sales)
  • June –CEL Talk, “From selling products to selling solutions: managing the servitization of sales forces”, Ed Nijssen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
  • May – Event MINE Community of SDA Bocconi, “Digital Commercial Transformation: instruction for usage. Guenzi, Marco A. Sisti (SDA Bocconi).  Guest Speaker: Giovanni Sorreca (3M Italia), Gabriele Spadoni (HILTI Italia)
  • May – Partner Meeting on research topics 2019. Guest speech on “Mastering the Digital trasformation journey”. Gabriele Morosini (ABB Italia)
  • April– Partner Meeting, “Digital Commercial TransformationPlan”. Presentation and discussion of the qualitative research outcomes, P.Guenzi, P.Caiozzo (SDA Bocconi)
  • February – Partner Meeting, “DCTP – Digital Commercial Transformation Plan – Research outcomes and managerial guidelines”, P.Guenzi, Marco A. Sisti (SDA Bocconi)
  • February- Steering Committee CEL – Annual Meeting CEL (SDA Bocconi e CEL partners)




  • December – Partner Meeting: “Insights for managerial practice. Managing customers strategically: innovations and perspectives”. Hosted by Luxottica Italia
  • October – Webinar for partners on “The Dark side of sales forces”
  • July - Vodafone Event (in collaboration with CEL) on “Digital Sales Transformation”
  • May – open Workshop on “Sales Content Management and Commercial Performance”. Hosted by MINE Community of SDA Bocconi
  • May - CEL Talk (Int’l) for partners on “Leveraging artificial intelligence in sales”, Johannes Habel (ESMT Berlin)




  • November - Roundtable for partners on :“Marketing & Sales integration in the commercial excellence perspective. Best practices and future opportunities”. Hosted by 3M Italy
  • October - Workshop for partners on “Sales Content Management Systems – Research outcomes and managerial guidelines”
  • October - open Workshop on “Digital & Social Selling Index: the barometer of technological development of sales forces in Italy”. Hosted by Marketing Community of SDA Bocconi
  • May - Workshop (Int’l) for partners on “ The impact of technologies on customer relationship management: the era of the empowered customer”, Deva Rangarajan (Vlerick Business School)




  • October – open Workshop on “Sales in the war room ": commercial people seen from the Top Manager stand point”
  • June – open Workshop on: “Sales: a marvellous job? Perceptions and perpsectives ”. Hosted by the Marketing Community of SDA Bocconi