The Commercial Excellence Lab (CEL) is the only Italian knowledge center focused on commercial excellence, based on an enduring collaboration between academia and industry.


Promote research and ongoing development of the necessary commercial competencies required to improve individuals’ and organizations’ sales performance, increase sales’ professionalization, and improve sales professionals’ reputation.


The Value Model: An Ecosystem Aimed At Supporting Companies
  • Knowledge Generation
    CEL annually promotes structured, applied research activities on cutting-edge topics in sales. Its practical approach combines methodological rigor and managerial relevance to meet companies’ specific needs.
  • Knowledge Sharing
    Being part of CEL allows companies to share problems and best practices. Events, roundtables, workshops and webinars represent just a few examples of the services CEL offers to its partners and to the wider sales community
  • Knowledge Dissemination
    Through research results’ dissemination, CEL promotes a culture of excellence and professionalism in sales processes and organizations with a positive impact on their reputation.
  • Networking and Reputation
    CEL’s initiatives and activities all promote networking opportunities and contribute to increase companies’ sales reputation and professionalism, contributing to making them an attractive employment choice for talented candidates.


  • Managers from B2B and B2C firms, who are interested in improving the own sales function – in terms of commercial results, content and image – and leveraging commercial processes also for the improvement of related functions (e.g., marketing).
  • Managers who want to rethink the own sales function in the light of digital transformation.
  • Managers aiming at developing and increasing the own competences in terms of commercial excellence and at keeping up-to-date on the most relevant topics, emerging trends and cutting-edge contents in the sales field: CEOs/General Directors, BU Directors, Regional Business Managers, Sales Directors, Sales Managers, CMO/Marketing Directors, Trade Marketing Managers, HR Managers etc.
  • Managers who believe in networking, co-creation and co-opetition for advancing their organization’s sales function.
  • National and international academics, faculty and institute members, who have an interest for commercial excellence topics and issues.

Becoming a Partner

CEL works closely with its partners to achieve its ambituous goals of generating, sharing and disseminating knowledge. For those interested in taking part in the lab, there is the possibility to choose between two different levels of involvement, which are associated to different financial contributions, benefits and service levels. Contact us for more information

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