Disseminating content in an experiential and engaging way is one of CEL’s main goals. Every year, meetings are organized with various formats in terms of target and implementation. They are excellent opportunities for debating and networking on the most innovative topics for commercial excellence. Here is the list of events that have been organized:



  • 5 December 2023, Academic Insight: “Artificial Intelligence in Sales” Prof. Paolo Guenzi SDA Bocconi, Johannes Habel, University of Houston’s Sales Excellence Institute



  • 20 November 2023 - Managerial insight “La sostenibilità nel commerciale attraverso le tecnologie digitali” Prof. Laura Ingrid Colm SDA Bocconi, Prof. Paolo Guenzi SDA Bocconi, Alberto Raviolo, Country Manager presso Epson Italia, Luca Motta, Head of Business Unit - Office Print Organization presso Epson Italia, Luca Cassani, Corporate Sustainability Manager presso Epson Italia, Maria Federica Perego, Human Resources Manager presso Epson Italia, Cinzia Tocci, Marketing manager & Commercial Delivery presso IGT Italia, Sabrina Granata, Marketing & Commercial Delivery Specialist presso IGT Italia



  • 12 October 2023- Managerial insight “Il valore del «dato» nella trasformazione digitale.Implicazioni per sales & marketing ed esperienze a confronto” Prof. Marco A. Sisti SDA Bocconi, Daniel Rodriguez, Head of Big Data & Analytics presso Vodafone, Arianna Pozzatti, Head of Marketing & Products Analytics presso Vodafone, Michela Baggio, Head of Marketing Digital Solutions presso Vodafone



  • 19 September 2023 - CEL TALK “Omnicanalità e pricing” Prof. Laura Ingrid Colm SDA Bocconi, Prof Paolo Guenzi SDA Bocconi


  • 14 luglio 2023 - Managerial Insight “Il ruolo del sistema di rewarding nella sales transformation” Prof Paola Caiozzo, Prof Paolo Guenzi SDA Bocconi, Martino Incarbone Executive Management Team Member presso Hilti Italia, Elena Fanfani EVP Marketing & Sales Operations presso Akeron Srl


  • 18 april 2023 – Managerial Insight “La Commercial Excellence in Gewiss Prof Paola Caiozzo SDA Bocconi, Giuliano Soncini, Commercial Excellence Director presso Gewiss S.p.A.

  • 20 February 2023 - Omnichannel Customer Experience Management Prof. Laura Ingrid Colm SDA Bocconi, Prof. Paolo Guenzi SDA Bocconi, Prof. Marco A. Sisti SDA Bocconi