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Jun 2023 18:00 - 19:30 | CEST
Una carriera nelle vendite: la parola ai potenziali talenti
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Disseminating content in an experiential and engaging way is one of CEL’s main goals. Every year, meetings are organized with various formats in terms of target and implementation. They are excellent opportunities for debating and networking on the most innovative topics for commercial excellence. Here is the list of events that have been organized:



  • 14 December 2022 - Preview ricerca qualitativa “Successful omnichannel management in sales”. Prof Laura Ingrid Colm SDA Bocconi Prof Paolo Guenzi SDA Bocconi



  • 23 November - Commercial Excellence ed i nuovi ruoli emergenti: chi sono e cosa fanno? Prof Paola Caiozzo Sda Bocconi Federico Sattanino, Enterprise Relationship Manager presso Linkedln Simona Venditti, Global Marketing Manager presso ABB Matteo Damiani, Head of Digital, Innovation & Demand Management presso Loro Piana



  • 19 October 2022 - Academic insight, Prof. Marco Aurelio Sisti, Prof Giuseppe Stabilini Direttore del Procurement Lab Sda Bocconi Con l’intervento di Paola Cialini–LPG Procurement Manager presso ABB Paolo Colombini Director Procurement & Logistics Italcementi S.p.A.



  • 15 September 2022 - Academic insight, Jan Wieseke, Paolo Guenzi -
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  • 23 June 2022 - Academic insight - Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Strategies -– A close View beyond the Buzzword, Severin Lienhard
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  • 23 June 2022 - Academic insight - Academic insight, Laura Ingrid Maria Colm
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  • 23 June 2022 - Academic insight - How to develop B2B solutions successfully through governance matching, Laura Ingrid Colm
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  • 06 April 2022 - PRESENTAZIONE RISULTATI RICERCA - Sales Performance Management: State of the Art.
    Paola Caiozzo, Paolo Guenzi. Manager coinvolti: Andrea Signorini, Zuegg Head of Sales Italy; Donato Mancone, Henkel Sales Director Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta; Manuel Vellutini, Akeron Co-Chief Executive Officer; Elena Fanfani, Akeron EVP Marketing & Sales Operations


  • 26 January 2022 - MANAGERIAL INSIGHT - The Multi / Omnichannel Challenge
    Manager coinvolti: Marc Routier, 3M Managing Director South East Europe Region; Eleonora Attaguile, 3M Learning & Development Leader Corporate Marketing Sale; Marco Tebaldi, 3M Channel Manager Industrial & Safety Market Center; Daniele Brambilla, Head of Sales Southern Europe brand Sloggi at Triumph International.



  • 25 November 2021 - CEL TALK - Enabling the sales force: AI a supporto della customer experience con Fulvio Berardo, Commercial Director Italy, Astellas Pharma S.p.A.


  • Virtual meeting Covid-19 Remote selling Progettare il futuro - P. Caiozzo, P.Guenzi (SDA Bocconi)


  • Virtual meeting Covid-19 Remote selling - P.Caiozzo, P.Guenzi M.A.Sisti (SDA Bocconi)



  • Online Event MINE Community SDA Bocconi, “Digital Tra-ction: Technopower o Technostress?” - P.Caiozzo, P.Guenzi (SDA Bocconi)


  • Partner Meeting presentazione dei risultati di ricerca Digital Commercial transformation in action : Technopwer o Technostress? - P.Caiozzo e P.Guenzi (SDA Bocconi)


  • Virtual meeting Covid-19 Emergency Landascape