Intensive Program in Art Markets and Finance

A Global Perspective

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Start date Mar 3, 2025
End date Jun 14, 2025
Duration 12 Days
Location Milano
Format Class
Language English
Price (+ VAT) € 10.000

Main Goal

The Intensive Program in Art Markets and Finance provides an overall understanding of art market dynamics, including its unique factors such as trends in taste, cultural influences, and the role galleries and auction houses play.


As with other collectibles, art is increasingly becoming an investment opportunity with the potential for substantial and uncorrelated returns. However, investing in art requires a deep understanding of market trends, valuation methods, and risk factors. Like any investment, purchasing art carries risks, such as fluctuations in market demand, changes in taste, authenticity issues, and legal considerations. Some of these risk factors are related to the physical nature of art, while financial risks arise from art being an asset whose price fluctuates over time due to subjective and objective reasons. Understanding and managing these multifaceted sources of risk is important for making informed investment decisions in the art market.

The art market, in particular, is subject to various legal and ethical considerations, including issues related to authenticity, provenance, copyright, and cultural heritage. Analysing the institutional and regulatory frameworks governing the art market is essential for conducting business ethically and avoiding potential legal pitfalls.


A broad perspective is crucial for fully understanding the art market, as this sector is characterized by constant evolution, with emerging phenomena such as financialization (e.g., art lending). By engaging with prominent players in the art market, participants gain a comprehensive view of the roles of collectors and investors, galleries, advisors, fairs, and auction houses in shaping the dynamics of the international art scene. This knowledge equips them with valuable insights and perspectives for navigating the complexities of the art world effectively.


The Program in Art Markets and Finance is also offered as a concentration within the Master in Arts Management and Administration (MAMA).

Who Is It For

The Intensive Program in Art Markets and Finance offers a comprehensive educational experience tailored for individuals seeking to augment their professional repertoire and acquire an in-depth comprehension of the intricate dynamics between the art realm and financial markets.


Through a meticulously crafted and intense curriculum, participants undergo specialized training sessions, engage in peer-to-peer benchmarking exercises, and cultivate invaluable networking opportunities, all geared towards fostering a holistic understanding of the multifaceted interplay between art and finance.


This program caters to a diverse array of professionals entrenched within both the artistic, legal and financial sectors, encompassing a spectrum of roles and entities, ranging from seasoned art advisors to astute wealth managers.


It serves as an indispensable platform for entities and professionals actively involved in guiding art collectors, facilitating art investments, managing wealth portfolios, and providing bespoke art-related financial counsel.


By bringing together a cohort of like-minded professionals, the program facilitates vibrant discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaborative endeavors, thereby enriching the collective expertise of its participants and empowering them to navigate the nuanced complexities inherent in the convergence of art and finance. 


Structure & Topics Covered

The program consists of two learning modules for a total of 12 full days.

Each module consists in a week (Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 4pm)

Extra visits or trips to Art Fairs could be organized on top of the classes (i.e. in other days) and will be elective.



  • The art market system
  • Artworks, a special category of objects
  • The pillars of the art market: Auction houses
  • Art price appraisal and value
  • Art value and due diligence
  • Art Market in the world: US and Americas
  • Navigating uncertainty: Risk management in the art market
  • Risk management through intersections between art history and the law
  • Regulation and taxation
  • Art Market in the world: Europe


  • The pillars of the art market: Art Fairs and Galleries
  • Art as a financial asset
  • Private banking: art lending and art advisory
  • Art Market in the world: Asia
  • Art market and technology: NFT and tokenization
  • The pillars of the art market: Collectors and private museums
  • Financial Indexes and art market reports

The Art Market Talks offer a valuable chance to interact with experts in the field of art, exchanging ideas on best practices and real-world applications within the art sector. Regular engagement with esteemed guests and gaining insights into the financial implications of the art world will be integral components of the program.


Download the brochure to find out more about the expected learning outcomes, the learning model and the Faculty of the course.

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Why Join Us?

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Benefits for the Participants

  • Understand the art market, current trends and dynamics, and factors affecting the value of artworks
  • Meet and connect with industry professionals, including gallery owners, art collectors, art experts and other market participants
  • Experience cross-functional learning: The art market is an interdisciplinary field that combines elements of economics, art history, law, finance and marketing
  • Gain unique international experiences

Benefits for the Companies

  • Understand the art market, current trends and dynamics, and factors affecting the value of artworks
  • Learn specialized skills in the field of art that can be used for a variety of purposes, including evaluating artworks, managing art collections, and curating exhibition events

Bocconi Alumni

By taking part to this course you will join the Bocconi Alumni Community. You will be put in contact with people who have received a degree from the Bocconi University and the Business School. You will have access to an international network of more than 135,000 members from 133 countries and you will be able to participate in the main activities organized by the Community.




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Certificate of Participation

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Program Agenda

The program lasts 12 days


3 - 8 Mar 2025

8:30am to 4pm


9 - 14 Jun 2025

8:30am to 4pm

Program Location

Bocconi School of Management: Via Sarfatti 10, 20136 Milan (Italy)



€ 10.000 (+ VAT) fee includes educational materials and working lunches. The fee does not include travel and living costs.

SDA Bocconi Master Division Alumni are entitled to a 50% reduction on participation fees.

Other Bocconi Alumni receive a 10% reduction.

To take advantage of the discount, please enter your Alumnus status when registering by indicating “ALUMNI10” or "ALUMNI50" in the notes section. Remember that without this indication, the discount will not be applicable.


Early Bird

A 10% reduction on the program fee is offered for applications submitted by January 3, 2025.


Special Payment Terms

For further information and details on discounts, please refer to:


Apply ASAP

You can apply for the Program until the day before it is due to start. For organizational reasons, we encourage you to complete your registration process 10 days before the Program begins.

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