Andrea Rurale

Marketing and Sales


Latest publications

ADDIS M., RURALE A. (Eds.) Managing the Cultural Business: Avoiding Mistakes, Finding Success Routledge, Great Britain, 2020
RURALE A., PRESTINI S. Trussardi Art and Fashion: A Long-Distance Relationship? in The Artification of Luxury Fashion Brands. Synergies, Contaminations, and Hybridizations Massi Marta, Turrini Alex (Eds),Palgrave Macmillan, chap. 3, pp.63-87, 2020
MASSI M., PIANCATELLI C., RURALE A. Il marketing come strumento di valorizzazione culturale nei Conservatori musicali. Il caso dell’istituto musicale “Claudio Monteverdi” di Cremona in I conservatori di musica. Profili normativi, gestionali e contabili Carmela De Gennaro, Roberto De Leonardis, Giuseppe Mongelli (Eds),Aracne Editrice, pp.267-286, 2019
RURALE A. L’etica nel marketing in Marketing@Bocconi E. Valdani(Ed), Egea, chap. 28, 2016
RURALE A. Sense and Sensibility. Gestire i beni culturali anche secondo principi aziendali: l’esperienza del FAI Economia & Management, 2015, vol.5, pp.16-21
MINIERO G., RURALE A., ADDIS M. Effects of Arousal, Dominance, and Their Interaction on Pleasure in a Cultural Environment Psychology And Marketing, 2014, vol.31, pp.628-634

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MAMA Master in Arts Management and Administration
  • Start date
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  • Sep 2022
  • English
  • Full-Time
  • 12 Months

MAMA aims to support artistic innovation and cultural development worldwide, by strengthening leadership and management skills required for arts organizations to thrive.


70 ECTS/CFU credits, designed for talented students from all over the world, with international vocation profiles and a passion for the arts.