Global Unicorn Program

Fostering a new generation of European Unicorns

Start date Nov 13, 2023
End date Nov 16, 2023
Duration 4 Days
Location Milan
Format Class
Language English
Price (+ VAT) € 8.000

Main Goal

The Global Unicorn Program mission is to play a critically important role in building a global ecosystem for fostering a new generation of unicorns with a renewed and enhanced emphasis on global responsibility, social purpose and long-term perspective.


The Global Unicorn Program, a joint initiative by CKGSB and SDA Bocconi School of Management, also focuses on forming a new partnership among governments, international organizations, NGOs, civil society and the private sector to achieve entrepreneurial and economic Resilience.

This program is jointly offered by CKGSB and SDA Bocconi School of Management and it aims to unlock Europe's Unicorn Potential, empowering VC, PE and Entrepreneurs to master growth from Startup to Scale-up in the FFF (Food, Fashion, and Furniture) and FS (Financial Services) Tech Sectors.


The Global Unicorn Program helps participants understand the trends in these markets, fine-tune their strategies, and grasp opportunities among the growing cohort of technology-driven markets.

Who is it for
  • Founders, co-founders and C-level executives of unicorn companies, soon-to-be unicorns, and promising startups
  • Senior leaders from leading VC, PE firms, and other investing entities
  • Top executives from leading organizations who are responsible for driving and embracing disruptions within their companies
  • Top management from NGOs and senior government officials and public sector representatives who are responsible for improving local ecosystems


Program counseling

To help you understand if the content of the Program matches your expectations, and to help you choose the best course considering your profile and objectives, you can contact a Program Advisor for an interview.

Please write to Erica Pizzelli: 

Structure & Topics Covered

The program is made up of a first day forum in the morning followed by a in class program orientation and lecture. The 3 following mornings will offer in class lectures followed by a guest speech from selected key players in the lectures field. In the afternoon some Unicorns or successful firms’ cases will be presented, also with guest speaker that will bring their own experience directly from the industry, followed by a company visit. During the last afternoon it will take place the "Investors panel & Pitch Event" with the chance to submit the participants’ pitches and projects.

During the program evening networking events will be organized, giving the participants the chance to exchange their thoughts and ideas, also with the guest speaker when part of the night, in order to create a florid background for potential cooperation and improvements.


1. An era of tectonic transformations, pathways to “common prosperity” and the role of economic disruptions & Unicorns in food, fashion, furniture, and luxury industries

2. The life cycle approach in creating values in luxury industries (cases from private equity deals)

3. How to scale up to be a Unicorn

4. Business model innovation for exponential growth in luxury industries

Aperitivo, networking lunches and dinner are informal opportunities to get to know other course participants. The events will also feature guest speakers who will share their personal and professional experiences.

Farewell dinner The course-end event concludes the training course and strengthens the network of connections you have established. It is a professional networking event with managers, entrepreneurs, and special guests who you will always be able to connect with after the course has ended.

Company Visit During the course, you will have the opportunity to participate in group visits to a succesful italian companies with entrepreneurial heritage. You will get firsthand insight into the modus operandi and economic and financial practices that define them as one of the best examples on the national and international market today. The company visits will be hosted by Valentino SpA and SCIC Cucine.

Guest speakers We will host guest speakers from prominent companies who will provide firsthand accounts and insights from their respective corporate realities: Giuseppe Donvito, P101 venture & Italian tech Alliance; Giuseppe Abatista, G.T.C. Ferragamo; Stefano Caspani, Managing Director DeA Capital; Daniele Ferrero, Founder & CEO Venchi; Federico Palazzari, Founder & CEO Nemo.



Download the brochure to find out more about the expected learning outcomes, the learning model and the Faculty of the course.

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Why Join Us?

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Benefits for the participant

  • Substantive and continued economic disruption is a vital component in promoting economic development and social advancement.
  • Understanding how to plan the path to become a potential unicorn is crucial for young entrepreneurs but also for consolidated businesses, especially in a world of transition and especially in an historical moment characterized by uncertainty, where the technological evolution plays a crucial role.


Digital Badges

The digital badges are an innovative and immediate way to share your achievements. They are verifiable and associated with an individual user. They allow you to update your network of contacts by highlighting the different steps reached in your SDA Bocconi journey. 


Certification of partecipation

The certificate – presented in both print and digital forms – is a useful way to enhance your CV and portfolio of educational experiences. It is granted to participants who have attended at least 80% of the lessons.



Program Agenda

The program lasts 4 days, from 13th November to 16th November 2023 from 9am to 6pm.

Aperitivo, Networking dinner and Farewell event starting from 7 pm.


13-16 Nov 2023

9:00 - 18:00


Program Location

On-campus training will take place at:
Bocconi School of Management, Via Sarfatti 10, 20136 Milan (Italy)



€ 8.000 (+ VAT) fee includes educational materials and working lunches, but not VAT. A maximum number of participants is pre-determined. You can reserve and register online on the program’s web page.


Special Payment Terms

For further information and details on discounts, please refer to: 


Apply ASAP

You can apply for the Program until the day before it is due to start. For organizational reasons, we encourage you to complete your registration process 10 days before the Program begins.


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