Gimede Gigante

Corporate Finance and Real Estate


Latest publications

Bider G., GIGANTE G. The effects of corporate venture capital on value creation and innovation of European public owned firms Corporate Ownership And Control, 2021, vol.18, no. 4, pp.117-133
Cesario G., GIGANTE G. What drives investment decisions on equity stake in private equity? The Italian case before and after the great financial crisis Corporate Ownership and Control, 2021, vol.18, no. 3, special issue, pp.224-240
CASELLI S., GIGANTE G., TORTOROGLIO A. Corporate and investment banking: a hands-on approach Bocconi University Press - BUP, Milano, Italy, 2021
GIGANTE G., SOTTORIVA C. Economia, gestione e finanza dei football club professionistici Egea, Milano, Italy, 2021
CERRI A., GIGANTE G. Finance Lab Bocconi University Press - BUP, Milano, Italy, 2021
GIGANTE G. Mergers & Acquisitions Aracne Editrice, Roma, Italy, 2020

Grants & Honors

Teaching Award - Undergraduate School - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2021