COMPETENZE PER VENDERE. Analizzare i dati per migliorare le performance sui clienti

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The program aims at developing your competences in analyzing sales data with a simple spreadsheet, providing knowledge to create and understand reports that are objective and effective. At the end of the program you will be able to measure effectiveness and market fitness of implemented actions, rapidly identify changes in context, evaluate performance in a comparative and absolute manner as well as, last but not least, know how to communicate it all.

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"Non c’è performance senza misura, non c’è misura senza numero. I numeri parlano, bisogna saperli ascoltare e i numeri non mentono, ma bisogna fare attenzione: la verità si può raccontare in molti modi ed anche i numeri, se torturati adeguatamente, possono confessare qualsiasi cosa..."


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Maurizio Poli

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