How to increase your profitability in a volatile market

Duration 5 weeks
Format On demand
Weekly effort 3 hours
Language English
Price (+ VAT) € 500


SDA Bocconi's new On Demand Online Programs are accessible from any device, and match your agenda and your specific needs. Anytime anywhere.


The program provides the skills and techniques needed to update pricing expertise from operation patterns to a new strategic vision. The goal of profitability’s increase through a scientific pricing approach and devoted roles inside the organisation.

Program’s facts & figures


Il programma
The Program

The program can be taken whenever and however you want. To maximize the learning experience, we recommend that you spread the learning effort over 5 weeks with an average investment of about 3 hours per week. Each week will consist of teaching units that differ in content, application and tools. For example, the program will include a final test of the skills acquired and a course satisfaction survey, both of which are preparatory to the SDA Bocconi certification.

The program will begin by emphasizing the strategic role that pricing plays in today’s market conducts. Because of that, two methodological steps will be deep dived: price setting, which deals with deciding the price when launching a new product or service, and price management over time, space, and type of customer. Eventually, the course will highlight and elaborate some innovative pricing technologies, like subscription-based pricing, online pricing, crypto pricing and buy-now, pay later pricing.

At the end of the course, the participant will be able to run an effective strategic pricing blueprint to increase the company’s margins and profitability.

Who it is for

The program is for middle and top managers, irrespective of their company's scope and sector.


Pricing is the only marketing lever that directly impacts on a company’s P&L top line. All other marketing tools generate costs. Because of that, a scientific handling of pricing brings back a solid footprint in terms of higher margins, cash flows and related profitability.


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Enrollment is dealt with a fully online procedure.

The fee can be paid by credit card (Visa - Mastercard) and PayPal.


The courses are accessible from any digital device (computer, tablet, smartphone) at any time.


Special Payment Terms


Bocconi alumni

Bocconi Alumni are entitled to a 10% reduction on participation fees


Women are good for business

To foster women’s education in management and contribute to their professional development, SDA Bocconi School of Management offers them, until 8 March 2025, a 20% reduction on the participation fee for all Executive Open Programs including Online On Demand.
This reduction cannot be combined with other promotional offers..



New ebook
To best support your learning journey, the course includes the new e-book “Data Analysis for Managers, the Fundamentals” by Program Director Renata Trinca Colonel.

The book has been purposely designed as a part of the online Program, and will be available in modules on our e-learning platform. When positively completing the course, you will be able to download the whole text and keep it even after the 4-month online accessibility expires.


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