Innovation and a Tradition of Craftsmanship



Someone has already nicknamed Eligo Milano the Uber of sartorial services, to emphasize the innovative value the company brought to what until recently seemed a traditional tailoring marketplace. In reality, the business idea behind the young startup has several elements of innovation but harks back to tradition, craftsmanship and previous industry experiences of some of its founders. A mix that only this year has finally persuaded investors to finance a round of seed investing worth €250,000. "Eligo Milano is the successor of a project that was initially called Sator Milano Bespoke," says Naomi Kohashi, CEO and founder of the startup: "We have refined the idea through important industry occasions such as the Startup Day at Bocconi, until it became what it is now.”
Born in Brazil to Japanese parents, Naomi invested in her project all the skills acquired during the Brazilian degree in Economics and the subsequent Executive MBA at SDA Bocconi (EMBAS). She also combined business education with her own interest in style, photography and design, which she had developed during a period of study at IED in Milan.
Today Eligo offers, through its portal, direct contact between customers in search of Italian sartorial quality, and sartorialists whose services are available in its network. "Sartorialists are not those who actually make the suit, dress or fashion accessory," says Naomi, "but really are style consultants, whom we train through an academy. They complete the order by visiting the customer at home or meet her/him at one of our showrooms, and give professional advice on choice of dress and style, while earning a percentage on the sale. Garments and accessories carry the Eligo brand and are sewn in the best Italian tailoring districts."
Born in October 2016 with early fundraising from various business angels and money from a London incubator, Istarter, specializing in Italian startups, Eligo is celebrating its first birthday by opening the Eligo Emirates subsidiary with offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In 2017, it received 1,200 orders from clients. It currently has than 900 active customers in six Italian cities.

Source: ViaSarfatti25

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