AIMAC: SDA Bocconi Wins Best Marketing Paper Award


A success for Italian authenticity and for SDA Bocconi’s research team at the 12th edition of the AIMAC Conference (International Association of Arts and Cultural Management) held in Bogota from 26th to 29th June 2013. Maria Carmela Ostillio and Antonella Carù, SDA Professors of Marketing, along with Giuseppe Leone, a graduate in Marketing Management from our university, won the Best Marketing Paper Award for their piece titled "Corporate museum as a pillar for brand authenticity in luxury companies. The case of Salvatore Ferragamo".

Every two years, AIMAC, an international network of teachers and researchers in the field of heritage and arts management established in 1991, organizes a conference to promote debate, share experiences and exchange ideas on the subject. This year AIMAC rewarded the work of SDA Bocconi’s researchers and their efforts to share the remarkable history of the famous Italian brand, focusing on the subject of authenticity. The Salvatore Ferragamo Museum is an example of the merger between art and fashion, increasingly frequent nowadays, and also of how the cultural heritage of a brand encompasses its history, founder, tradition, craftsmanship and quality. For Salvatore Ferragamo these are key elements that reinforce its authenticity all the time. And authenticity, considered a hallmark of postmodernity in consumer consumption, drives brand value and its constant renewal. In turn the Museum progressively grows the brand’s perceived value amongst visitors/consumers.

Over 200 papers were selected and presented at the AIMAC Conference, which was attended by leading universities and business schools from 25 countries. This research won Best Marketing Paper, Best Doctoral Research Paper and Best Management Paper.
AIMAC has demonstrated once again its central role on the international stage for studies on heritage and arts management across governance, organizations, communication, strategy, branding, marketing, innovation and cultural consumption. Its network receives contributions from scholars in more than 20 countries and from over 100 business schools and universities around the world.

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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