Aleksandra Torbica

Government, Health and Not for Profit
Aleksandra Torbica
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Health Economics and HTA

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Pubblicazioni recenti

Drummond Michael, TARRICONE R., TORBICA A. Should health technology assessment be more patient centric? If so, how? 2020, The European Journal Of Health Economics
FEDERICI C. B., TORBICA A. Expanding the Role of Early Health Economic Modelling in Evaluation of Health Technologies Comment on "Problems and Promises of Health Technologies: The Role of Early Health Economic Modeling" 2020, International Journal of Health Policy and Management
TORBICA A., FORNARO G., TARRICONE R., DRUMMOND M. Do Social Values and Institutional Context Shape the Use of Economic Evaluation in Reimbursement Decisions? An Empirical Analysis Value In Health, 2020, vol.23, no. 1, pp.17-24
TIMMIS A., TORBICA A., TOWNSEND Nick, GALE C., LETTINO M., PETERSEN S., MOSSIALOS E., MAGGIONI A., KAZAKIEWICZ D., MAY H., DE SMEDT D., FLATHER M., ZUHLKE L., BELTRAME J., HUCULECI R., TAVAZZI L., HINDRICKS G., BAX J., CASADEI B., ACHENBACH S., WRIGHT L., VARDAS P. European Society of Cardiology: Cardiovascular Disease Statistics 2019 European Heart Journal, Gennaio, 2020, vol.41, no. 1, pp.12-85
TORBICA A. HTA Around the World: Broadening Our Understanding of Cross-Country Differences 2020, Value In Health
TARRICONE R., TORBICA A., TOZZI V. Per aspera ad astra: l’Italia e il Covid-19 2020, Economia & Management Plus, Milano, Italia

Grants & Premi

Modelling effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and promoting health care value in the real world. The Motive project - Progetti di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale (PRIN) - Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca , 2019
COMED (Pushing the boundaries of Cost and Outcome Analysis of Medical Technologies) - Commissione Europea , 2018
IQCE (Improving Quality of Care in Europe) - Commissione Europea , 2017

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