International Participants

In this section you can find information on health insurance, permit to stay, Italian tax code, visa application and where to study Italian,

Health Insurance

Tax Code

For all incoming students who are physically in Italy, the Tax Code / Codice Fiscale can be requested to the nearest Revenue Agency office (Agenzia delle Entrate)

The Italian Revenue Agency has several offices (uffici territoriali) in different areas of the city. You can refer to this list for the one closest to you. 


The application process can be carried out by email (pick the office closest to where you live). 


Download the AA4/8 pdf application form and open it with a pdf reader (such as the free Adobe Acrobat DC) that allows you to fill it in. Alternatively, you can print it out and fill it in clear capital letters.

  1. Download the AA4/8 form and open it with a pdf reader (such as the free Adobe Acrobat DC). Alternatively, you can print it and fill it in clear capital letters.

  2. Tick “allocation of a tax code”

  3. You have to fill in part B (personal data – write them exactly as they appear on the ID you provide) and part D (your current address of residence - it means your city of origin or the last registered residence address).

  4. In part C ("Tax domicile" in Italy) you can list your Italian address that will act as a domicile for fiscal communications and to receive the tax code card (or Health Insurance Card /Tessera Sanitaria if you’re entitled to it)

  5. Under “signatures”, date and sign with your name and surname. Scan the form in a single pdf file.

  6. Open a new e-mail. As a suggested subject "name, surname - Request for a tax code and tax code card"

  7. Attach the filled-in form, signed

  8. Attach a copy of your ID / Passport + a scan of the visa/entry stamp page (if applicable)

  9. Send the e-mail to any the office closest to you the Revenue Agency

  10. The Revenue Agency will reply to your e-mail address in 5 working days by attaching your tax code attribution certificate in pdf, endorsed by the Director of the office or a delegate. 

  11. Should the Revenue officers need more documentation or information, they will let you know via e-mail. (It is advisable to send back over the application form and all the needed documentation along with the updates or missing documents)

Permit to Stay

Italian Language Schools for Foreigners


Centro Linguistico

Via Gobbi, 5 tel. +39 0258362377



Università per Stranieri

The most famous Italian Language School is the “Università per Stranieri” di Perugia.

tel. +39 0755746211




Dante Alighieri

Via N. Torriani, 10 tel. +39 026692816



Modern Languages Services

Via Bocconi, 8 tel. +39 0258321163



Corso Buenos Aires, 43 tel. +39 0229519972




Via Larga, 8 tel. +39 028690814


Grocery & Food Delivery

Grocery delivery: order your grocery online and receive it at home

  • Everli: you can download the app and pick your favorite supermarket among the ones listed. Several delivery slots available and very efficient drivers
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Esselunga and Carrefour: two of the largest supermarket chains in Milano

Food delivery: pick your favorite dish and receive it at home