Campus Life

Agreements with cultural institutions

Università Bocconi is committed to offering students, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate first hand in the vibrant Milanese cultural life at convenient prices: theater, music, cinema, museums, find out more!

In the "Links" box you can find the upcoming show at a special price for the Bocconi Community.

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Calendar of activities

Find out more about upcoming activities on campus to experience firsthand culture, art, sports, wellness, social engagement and much more!

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Counseling, Self-Empowerment and Wellbeing

The opportunities and activities of Counseling, Self-Empowerment and Wellbeing dedicated to the students have the aim to promote your psychological wellbeing and help you develop self-awareness to make the best use of the resources and networks that you will create with classmates and faculty.

If you need help settling in to campus, improving your abilities, developing new skills, acquiring a study method or facing personal and/or academic problems, you can make an appointment with a team counselor at any time throughout the year.

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Health service

All international students are required to have appropriate insurance. In Italy, the National Health Care System is provided by a public health care service (SSN). Only foreign citizens with a valid permit of stay may apply for the service offered by the ASL (local branch of the National Health Care Service).

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Prevention and support on campus

Bocconi appreciates the importance of issues related to the healthwellness and quality of life of its students, faculty and staff. This is why a wide variety of initiatives has been created to foster increased awareness of several of these issues. 

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