International Student Care

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The trust placed in us by our students and their appreciation for our work drive us to devise programs and teaching methodologies able to develop skills and help young talents, experienced managers, companies and institutions be truly global. In welcoming you warmly, I would like to thank you for choosing us; I strongly believe that your time here will play an important part in your future success.


Stefano caselli | Dean
SDA Bocconi School Of Management

International Student Care

Moving to a foreign country to study can be an unfamiliar and stressful experience, but we want to make the transition as smooth as possible and your time at SDA Bocconi enjoyable and worry-free.

With an ever greater awareness of the importance of student wellbeing and engagement, SDA Bocconi established International Student Care in January 2023. The service is available to anyone enrolled in a master program.

We will of course continue to expand our services as we grow, to further provide everyone with the guidance they need to feel safe, protected and fulfilled during their time at SDA Bocconi.

Our purpose is to give you a positive experience. We are particularly aware of the challenges for foreign students, and therefore offer guidance through all of the processes involved in studying at SDA Bocconi.


Francesca Roveda
SDA Bocconi School Of Management

We provide services to help with a variety of bureaucratic and practical matters as well as help in the event of unexpected and difficult situations. Some of our services include:

Francesca Roveda will be your point of reference, helping you navigate all the challenges you might encounter.
Please don’t hesitate to contact her for any questions or concerns, at