SDA Bocconi works progressively across four pillars to guide companies, organizations and institutions towards the change they desire, generating an impact on their business.
Each pillar is highly flexible in terms of quantity and quality, capable of embracing each customer's requirements as well as a variety of contexts.

Custom Programs

SDA Bocconi designs and implements personalized programs for public and private, domestic and international organizations. An operative, systematic and holistic approach is used to combine the organization's strategic objectives with individual professional and personal development. Value is created in partnership with the customer, by developing specific training paths which are tailored to the specific organization at hand.

The School has honed its flexibility and the ability to respond to a variety of requirements, thanks to extensive experience over time.
A unique and distinguishing feature of the SDA Bocconi «Tailor-Made» is the complete integration of training and research, which combines scientific rigor and applicative value to create practical and in-depth knowledge, capable of broadening horizons, capturing new perspectives and thinking outside the box.

SDA Bocconi believes in the construction of respectful long-lasting relations, with the aim of being a reference partner capable of offering constant constructive dialogue with its customers.


For any further information about our Custom Programs, please get in touch with us:

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