Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni, talks about energy geopolitics to Full-Time MBA students

The first class in the course created by Prof. Francesco Giavazzi offered students a chance to hear from Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni, on energy geopolitics


On Jan. 10, Full-Time MBA students participated in the first of a lecture series for the macroeconomics class taught by Prof. Francesco Giavazzi.

Other speakers include Francesco Sisci, Senior Researcher at Renmin University in Beijing; Nicola Gennaioli Full Professor of Finance at Bocconi University; Valentina Bosetti, Full Professor of Economics at Bocconi University and President of Terna; Alessandro Aresu, author and economist; Lucio Caracciolo, editor of Limes journal of geopolitics; Vittorio Colao, former CEO of Vodafone and former cabinet minister; and Carlo Favero, Full Professor of Finance at Bocconi University.

The lectures, which will take place throughout the month of January, will address topics from the geopolitics of energy and the energy transition to inflation and space travel.

After a brief welcome by Università Bocconi Rector, Prof Francesco Billari and by Full-Time MBA director Stefano Pogutz, Prof. Francesco Giavazzi, Professor of the Macroeconomics course, introduced the first guest speaker, Claudio Descalzi, CEO of ENI, sharing highlights from his extensive and illustrious career in the energy sector. His experience offers precious insight to students in the FT-MBA program.

During the lecture, Descalzi set the stage of the volatile geopolitical landscape of today and its multidimensional challenges, demonstrating how the challenges of the energy sector create an imperative to move towards universal energy access and a low carbon future.

“We had to, in a very fast-track way, change our strategy, to establish geographical diversification, to find other sources of energy, and to develop cleaner technologies, to create a situation in which we can get energy security,” he said of the situation following the war in Ukraine.  

Descalzi illustrated to students the roles of the major players in the global energy landscape and discussed new energy solutions that could help establish a balance in energy sources using new technology for decarbonization.

The lecture concluded with provocative and engaging questions from students for the CEO (e.g. the participation of energy companies in conversations on sustainable policy). The masterclass on the geopolitical machinations of the energy sector gave students an overall view of the current energy crisis.

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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