SDA Bocconi on top of Europe: the School of Management among the 4 best business schools in the Financial Times European Business Schools ranking

For SDA Bocconi it’s a significant leap forward in the ranking of the best business schools compiled by the Financial Times


Commitment to providing valuable educational experiences and a constant focus on the scientific rigor of its research have enabled SDA Bocconi to climb the 2022 Financial Times’ European Business Schools Ranking reach 4th place in Europe.

This is an important milestone in the history of the School, and its value does not only concern the Faculty and internal Staff. Entering the top 4 ranking means further strengthening the authority of the professional growth and development paths of anyone who wishes to enroll in SDA Bocconi’s programs. This is because the School’s success, today more than ever, appears to be intrinsically linked to that of its Alumni, who have made a crucial contribution to the achievement of a goal recognized by the entire world of management education.

With this in mind, the Financial Times ranking also reflects the quality of the School’s work during 2022, having been formulated from specific assessments of SDA Bocconi’s programs. In fact, the ranking of the best business schools is compiled by summing the rankings for MBA (Master of Business Administration), EMBA (Executive MBA) and Executive Programs, both those that are tailor-made for companies (Custom) and those with individual enrollment (Open).

“Taking another step forward in the year-end rankings is an important and prestigious development. What matters most beyond the individual result”, says Stefano Caselli, Dean of SDA Bocconi, “is that for years we have seen a continuous presence among the group of the best European business schools. This is a recognition of the value of our community, made up of companies, institutions and participants in our programs, our master’s programs and our research activities, which make the School a unique place of sharing, impact and growth”.

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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