Healthcare and PA Networks

The Networks provide a platform to discuss and analyze hot topics together with SDA Bocconi Faculty and people managing different services and functions from the public and private sectors. This is a unique opportunity to learn by others’ opinions and to build your own network of people.


Network dei Direttori delle Aziende Sanitarie Pubbliche
(Network of Directors of Public Health Care Organizations)
DASP, which was set up in 2005, gathers top managers from the health care sector and provides a platform to discuss and analyse current issues together with the faculty of SDA Bocconi and established professionals from the industry. DASP promotes debate and the exchange of experiences in order to find innovative solutions to improve the management of public health care organizations.

Today more than ever, DASP is a prestigious network that allows professionals to gain the competence and know-how required to face the future challenges of management.


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Network sulla Logistica e le Operations del Pronto Soccorso
(Network on Emergency Room Logistics and Operations)

LOPS is the first educational network focused on managerial innovation for those who lead, manage, or support the coordination of Emergency Rooms. The network aims to address the multiple operational and logistical challenges posed by Emergency Room management, positioning itself as a hub for training and knowledge exchange, managerial innovation, and anticipation of sector dynamics. Additionally, it serves as a reference point for the Emergency Room managerial community.

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Network Conti&Controlli nelle Amministrazioni Pubbliche 
(Network for Accounting and Control in Public Administration)
Public Administration is a sector in constant evolution, with changes and reforms being implemented on an ongoing basis. Over the years, NETCAP has become a reference point for Public Administration and a platform to share and improve practices.

NETCAP’s mission is to encourage the development of professionals working within local authorities and regional governments. In order to do so, NETCAP provides a platform where issues can be debated and experiences shared in a problem-solving oriented environment.


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CERGAS, in addition to its research activities, carries on a significant dissemination activity of its research results with managerial and professional operators of health systems through a structured network based on regular bi-directional programs. The network addresses to the main professional healthcare families: management pharmaceutical and bio-medical companies (Associates).

The network is based on seminars with the aim to promote scientific, cultural and professional exchange. Network’s seminars are moments of information, training and comparison between different perspectives.

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