Emanuele Teti



Latest publications

TETI E., ETRO L. L., Pausini L. Does greenwashing affect Company's stock Price? Evidence from Europe International Review of Financial Analysis, 2024, vol.93, pp.103195
GORI L., Luigi Sacco P., TETI E., Triveri F. Commentary—Much ado About Something Else. Donald Trump, the US Stock Market, and the Public Interest Ethics of Social Media Communication International Journal of Business Communication, 2024, vol.61, no. 2, pp.452-483
ETRO L. L., Sacco P. L., Sironi E., Taccalite N., TETI E. Exuberance by design? Hyping cryptocurrencies markets through token underpricing Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 2024, vol.33, no. 3, pp.401-416
TETI E., Tron A., COLANTONI F., Celani E. The efficiency of preventive restructuring procedures: Evidence from France Strategic Change, 2024, vol.33, no. 2, pp.79-93
TETI E., DELL'ACQUA A., Bovsunovsky A. Diversification and size in venture capital investing Eurasian Business Review, 2024
Pistolesi F., TETI E. Shedding light on the relationship between ESG ratings and systematic risk Finance Research Letters, 2024, vol.60, pp.104882

Grants & Honors

Highly Commended Paper Winner for Corporate Governance: The international journal of business in society. Paper: Teti, E. et al, 2017, “The impact of board independency, CEO duality and CEO fixed compensation on M&A performance”, Corporate Governance, 17(5), pp. 947-971 - Emerald Publishing Limited , 2018
Highly Commended Paper Winner for Management Decision. Paper: Teti, E., 2013, “The Dark Side of the Movie. The difficult balance between risk and return”, Management Decision, 51(4), pp.730-740 - Emerald Publishing Limited , 2014
Best Traditional Case of the year, DIR “Claudio Demattè” Research Division - SDA Bocconi School of Management , 2003

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