Curriculum Vitae

Beatrice Manzoni is Associate Professor of Practice of Leadership, Organization and Human Resources at SDA Bocconi School of Management.

At SDA Bocconi, she is Program Director of the HR Management course and People Management course. She coordinated the Executive Master in Strategic Human Resource Management from 2008 to 2014. She conducts research, training and consulting projects in the creative industries (architectural, design and fashion firms, cultural institutions) and in the banking industry, among others.

Her research focuses on organizational paradoxes. She studies how organizations, teams and individuals – in particular within the creative professional service industry – manage competing tensions and demands. Examples of these tensions are the ones between economic and symbolic performance, individual professional identity and organizational belonging, creativity and standardization, exploration and exploitation, autonomy and control. In particular she explores how people and HR management practices can facilitate the management of paradoxes. As a secondary research interest, she is also interested in new learning methodologies.

Her works have been published in Scandinavian Journal of Management, International Journal of Arts Management and Economia & Management and in edited books published by Routledge, Springer and Wiley. She co-authored “L’architetto. Sette sfide manageriali per la crescita professionale” (Egea, 2014) and “HR Management. Far crescere le persone per far crescere il business” (Egea, 2014). She is also the author of several peer-reviewed teaching cases published in The Case Centre on the following companies: Autogrill, Autoguidovie, Daniel Boulud, Lombardini22, Santa & Cole and UBIS. She is a Visiting Professor at IMT School of Advanced Studies in Lucca and at Mondadori Foundation. In 2008 she was a Visiting Professor at Fudan University in China. At Bocconi University she coordinates the Master in Organization and HR Management. She takes part into international academic conferences, such as EGOS (European Group of Organisation Studies) and ARCOM (Association of Researchers in Construction Management).

Beatrice earned a BSc and MSc in Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment from Bocconi University, a BSc inArchitecture from Polytechnic University of Milan and a PhD in Construction and Project Management from University College of London (UCL).



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