Andreina Mandelli

Marketing and Sales


Latest publications

ARBORE A., MANDELLI A. Nuove e vecchie logiche di mercato nell’era dell’iperconnessione Economia & Management, 2021, vol.3, pp.88-93
MANDELLI A., ARBORE A. Marketing Digitale - II edizione Egea, Milano, Italy, 2019
Mandelli A. Big data marketing. Creare valore nella platform economy con dati, intelligenza artificiale e IoT Egea, Milano, Italy, 2017
MANDELLI A., ARBORE A. Marketing Digitale Egea, Milano, Italy, 2015
Fuduric M., Mandelli A. Communicating social media policies: evaluation of current practices Journal Of Communication Management, 2014, vol.18, no. 2, pp.158-175
La Rocca A., Mandelli A., Shehota I. Nethnography approach as a tool for marketing research: the case of Dash-P&G/TTV Management Decision, 2014, vol.52, no. 4, pp.689-704

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Customer-centric digital transformation at Vibram
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  • 25 Oct 2021
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This program addresses the need to develop a more systematic framework to manage digital communication