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Corporate Information Security Roundtable

The Corporate Information Security Roundtable (CISR) delivers an ongoing series of business and security dialogues for chief information security officers (CISOs) of large global corporations to share insights on the continually changing threats, vulnerabilities and risks of information/cyber security in corporations today.

In focused discussions that cut across organizations and industries, participants examine the threat landscape, business issues and technologies that lead to security challenges they are or will soon face. Members choose the topics, so the discussions are always relevant to their real-world concerns.

The heads of information security (CISOs or their equivalent) of large global companies located in the Americas and in Europe are the members and participants. They are expected to bring their best practices, share their key issues and strive to generate new insights to information, cyber and IT security challenges together. They come away from the day-long experience with new ideas and new approaches to specific challenges—the kind of creative problem-solving that arises only from diverse perspectives.

The purpose of the CISR is to provide a forum for CISOs to:

  • Share best practices for tackling the business and information security/risk issues and challenges they jointly face through robust, moderated roundtable dialogue;
  • Surface security issues that begin in one industry and address so all will be better prepared to deal with them;
  • Facilitate the cross-fertilization of best practices and innovative ideas across industries;
  • Build a community of trusted colleagues from across various industries to whom members can turn for ideas and advice outside roundtables;
  • Offer insights that are brought into the MBA/Masters as well as executive classrooms.

Each roundtable is:

  • A moderated dialogue—no lectures, few presentations, no “attendees” or audience, just a meaningful, participative, collegial dialogue;
  • A focused business and security discussion, striving for an appropriate balance of practicality and thoughtfulness;
  • A confidential forum based on trusted relationships built over time;
  • A partnership between industry and academia, and between member corporations.

Each roundtable is hosted by one of the members, with academic members also taking a turn. Hosting often involves a tour of some facet of the company’s operations.

There are four roundtables in a year, two in each chapter. The Americas chapter meets in the spring and fall, the European chapter in the summer and winter.