Agile Management

Leadership and team management for agile companies

Duration 5 Weeks
Format On Demand
Weekly effort 3 hours
Language English
Price (+ VAT) € 500

SDA Bocconi's new On Demand Online Programs are accessible from any device, and match your agenda and your specific needs. Anytime anywhere.


The program provides the skills and techniques needed to understand how an Agile organization works and what changes it entails in terms of structure, behavior and practices, with the aim of implementing Agile management at both company and team level.


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Program’s facts & figures


Il programma
The program

The program can be taken whenever and however you want. To maximize the learning experience, we recommend that you spread the learning effort over 5 weeks with an average investment of about 3 hours per week. Each week will consist of teaching units that differ in content, application and tools.

For example, the program will include a final test of the skills acquired and a course satisfaction survey, both of which are preparatory to the SDA Bocconi certification.



The program will begin by explaining what Agile means and its history, values, principles and practices. It will then move on to the key elements that characterize an Agile organization, balancing short-term and long-term vision by building it around the culture of prioritization and delivering value in dynamic and uncertain environments.


Subsequently, topics related to personal development and competencies will be covered, exploring what it means to be an effective leader in an Agile context, including communication, training, and the culture of customer obsession.


Finally, the program will look at organizational solutions to support an Agile company and how they are implemented, presenting a roadmap for Agile implementation with an emphasis on developing effective Agile teams and measuring the 'Agile maturity' of one's own organization or team.

Who it is for

The program is for middle and top managers, irrespective of their company's scope and sector.


The need for increased agility is evident to most organizations, but the pursuit of agility without a proper approach can quickly turn into chaos. In this program we will provide the cultural, organizational and methodological approaches to increase agility in a controlled and sustainable way over time. 


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Enrollment is dealt with a fully online procedure.

The fee can be paid by credit card (Visa - Mastercard) and PayPal.


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Special Payment Terms


Bocconi alumni

Bocconi Alumni are entitled to a 10% reduction on participation fees


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To foster women’s education in management and contribute to their professional development, SDA Bocconi School of Management offers them, until 8 March 2025, a 20% reduction on the participation fee for all Executive Open Programs including Online On Demand.
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